Apologies for the trouble of in DAD release 54

Last updated:2012.10.11.

In DAD release 54(released on Jan. 2011), trouble was found in a part. Details are as follows:

  • Situation: The data that had to be excluded was included.
  • Services: Anonymous FTP, ARSA, Homology Search, NIG supercomputer(supernig)
  • Measure: DDBJ will releases "DAD release 54.1".

Corresponding Files:

 BCT (44 entries)  / ddbjbct2.DAD.gz, ddbjbct10.DAD.gz
 HUM (13 entries)  / ddbjhum.DAD.gz
 INV (9 entries)   / ddbjinv2.DAD.gz
 PLN (1 entry)     / ddbjpln2.DAD.gz
 SYN (1 entry)     / ddbjsyn.DAD.gz
 VRL (44 entries)  / ddbjvrl1.DAD.gz 
 VRT (274 entries<) / ddbjvrt.DAD.gz

We apologize for your inconvenience.