Last updated:2015.10.16.

DDBJing Contents: How to Use DDBJ

This page, DDBJing, intorduces how to use services and databases provided for everyone. "DDBJing" means "Effective using of DDBJ services".


Frequently asked questions and thier answers related to DDBJ submission

Explanation of DDBJ flat file format

The database is a collection of "entry" which is the unit of the data. The entry submitted to DDBJ is processed and publicized according to the DDBJ format for distribution (flat file). The flat file includes the sequence and the information of submitters, references, source organisms, and "feature" information, etc. The "feature" is defined by DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Feature Table Definition to describe the biological nature such as gene function and other property of the nucleotide sequence.

Tutorial manuals, References, etc.

Data Submission

Search and Analysis

Training Course, Publications, Mail Magazine

DDBJ holds training courses of bioinformatics and publishes followings for users to utilize DDBJ services.

  • Japan-Korea-China Bioinformatics Training Course