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No.41   Jan. 30, 2009
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  Mt. Fuji is not only white
sky from DDBJ Winter is the best season to view the beautiful Mr. Fuji. The word "Fuji" gives us the white color image covered with the snow, contrating with the clear blue sky. But, in fact, this mountain changes its face to various colors, from hour to hour, day by day. At one time, it is stained with red. But, on another occasion, it is orange or pink, or ..... Anyway, Fuji is very beautiful mountain.
If you have any questions and suggestions about DDBJmag, please do not hesitate to write ddbjmag@ddbj.nig.ac.jp . We would like to hear from you.

 SRS (Sequence Retrieval System) service terminated
DDBJ terminated providing SRS services (by WWW/WABI ) as of the December 26, 2008. We appreciate very much using SRS since SRS was firstly launched by WWW in 1999. As the other keyword search system, DDBJ have been providing "ARSA (All-round Retrieval of Sequence and Annotation) through WWW and Web API, since 2004. We apologize for your labor swiching your keyword searh system from SRS to ARSA. But, ARSA is very high-speed and specifiable detailed search condition. So, we hope ARSA is useful for all DDBJ users. Please refer the description of ARSA and SRS.
 Release of sequence data from DDBJ
Release of new mouse hippocampus CAGE MGA 552,486 entries Dec. 16, 2008
DDBJ newly released mouse hippocampus CAGE MGA 552,486 entries, which had been submitted by RIKEN Omics Science Center.
These entries were released as DDBJ daily updates on 12/11.

Release of new genome sequence data of an endosymbiont within protist cells in termite gut, 5 entries Nov. 25, 2008
DDBJ newly released genome sequence data of an endosymbiont within protist cells in termite gut (Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2), which had been submitted by RIKEN. The data are available by getentry.
These entries were released as DDBJ daily updates on 11/18.
 DDBJ Rel. 76.0 and DAD Rel. 46.0 released
  • The nucleotide sequence database collected and maintained by DDBJ is quarterly released online to the public. We completed DDBJ Release 76.0 on Dec. 24, 2008. DDBJ Release 76.0 consists of 98,220,409 entries, and the number of bases reached 98,741,908,446.
  • Based on DDBJ Release, DDBJ amino acid database (DAD) Rel.46.0 was released on Jan. 16, 2009 at DDBJ. DAD Rel 46.0 consists of 13,526,116 entries, and the total number of residues reached 3,599,816,846aa.
Following the agreement at the INSD collaborative meeting in 2008, the document, DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Feature Table: Definition, was revised in October, 2008.
The release data (periodical release and the new data) are available by FTP download from the "FTP/Web API" page.
 Temporary suspension of DDBJ services for the system enhancement
DDBJ temporarily suspends a part of DDBJ computer services at the following schedule, because of the computer system enhancement works.
Service Period
- SAKURA Feb. 17(Tue) 17:00(JST) - Feb. 18(Wed) 17:00(JST)
- getentry
- TXSearch
- Homology Search (including ClustalW)
- Vector Screening System
Feb. 18 (Wed) 9:00 - 17:00(JST)
The above is estimated schedule. Each service will be resumed as soon as the works are completed.
We are sorry for your inconvenience, but we will appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.

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