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No.60 & 61  Jun. 27, 2011
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 Green tea
ochabatake Shizuoka is well known as a production center for tea(Camellia sinensis). The photo shows this year's tea leaves in Shizuoka.
Green tea is the well-researched beverage. Green tea has been attracting worldwide attention, as its health benefits have become better known.
In Japan, however, while tea leaf consumption at households has decreased in recent years. Let's drink green tea more, Japanese.
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 DDBJ Rel. 86.0, DAD Rel. 56.0 completed
DDBJ Rel. 86.0

DAD (DDBJ amino acid database) Rel. 56.0
  • Date: Jun. 20, 2011
  • 20,742,576 entries    5,912,174,430aa (total number of residues)
  • DAD Release Note
 Release of JPO patent nucleotide sequence for 1,591,911 entries
DDBJ newly released patent nucleotide sequence of 1,591,911 entries submitted from Japan Patent Office (JPO).    (Available by getentry)

  Accession numbers:
  Entry number:
  Patent type:
  Publication number:
  Patent title:
  FZ437591 - FZ999999
  GB000001 - GB999999
  HV000001 - HV029503
  1,591,911 entries
  Japanese translations of PCT international publication for patent applications
  JP 2006-507841
  Functional and Hyperfunctional siRNA
 International Collaborators Meeting 2011(ICM2011) was held at Osaka
International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC), consisted of DDBJ, EBI and NCBI, hold the international collaborators meeting every year.
In 2011, the meeting was held at Osaka in Japan, 23-27 May, to discuss practical matters to maintain and update nucleotide sequence data archives; DDBJ, EMBL-Bank, GenBank, Sequence Read Archive and Trace Archive. Though there were still aftermaths of the Great East Japan Earthquake, DDBJ could host ICM2011 with understanding and cooperation of NCBI and EBI based on a conventional policy of rotation.
DDBJ will report the agreements at the ICM2011 on the DDBJ HP. The reports will be useful for the data submitters and users of DDBJ.
 EMBL-EBI, DBCLS, DDBJ and NBDC will hold The Bioinformatics Roadshow
EMBL-EBI, DBCLS, DDBJ and NBDC will hold The Bioinformatics Roadshow in Tokyo.
The purpose of the roadshow is to train experimental biologists how to make the most of some of Europe's most widely used public biological databases, such as Ensembl, ArrayExpress, BioMart, Expression Atlas and Reactome.

  Date : September 5-6, 2011
  Venue : Database Center for Life Science

For details, please see here.
 Release of sequence data from DDBJ (Apr. - Jun. 2011)
DDBJ newly released EST data derived from tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii), which had been submitted by National Institute of Genetics.

The accession numbers are as follows ;
  • FY469875-FY736474 (266,600 entries)    (Available by getentry)
DDBJ released TPA-WGS and scaffold CON data derived from vase tunicate (Ciona intestinalis) genome, which had been submitted by Kyoto University.

The accession numbers are as follows ;
  • TPA-WGS    EAAA01000001 - EAAA01006374 (EAAA.gz) (6,374 entries)
  • TPA-scaffold CON    HT000001 - HT001272 (1,272 entries)    (Available by getentry)

Reference: Ghost Database
 ARSA database search temporary unavailable
ARSA is a high-speed data retrieval system provided by DDBJ via WWW and Web API. DDBJ and DAD database search in ARSA is unavailable in the following schedule to update each of released data (DDBJ Rel. 86.0 and DAD Rel. 56.0). Details are as follows:

  • Date & Time:
      Jul. 1, 2011 (Fri) 9:00 - 18:00 JST (We will announce on this page when the service resumes)
  • Unavailable related services:
      ARSA reference function in TX Search
      DNA/Protein/AllDBs search at the search box of the upper part of DDBJ HP

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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