DDBJ Mail Magazine No.68, 69 & 70

No. 68, 69 & 70   Apr. 25, 2012
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“Cherry blossom front”
Cherry blossoms start blooming first in the southern part of Japan. And they move up north.
Although the blossoms are gone in a week, a person traveling north with the "Cherry blossom front" would be able to enjoy the blossoms for about three months.
This year, cherry trees in Shizuoka first bloomed on March 24.
Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom from the end of this month to the beginning of May in Tohoku and Hokkaido.

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Operation Status of DDBJ services after replacement of NIG computer system (as of Apr. 20)
The National Institute of Genetics replaced its computer system in this March 2012. And most of DDBJ services which had been suspended because of the replacement works since February 15, was completed resumption or renewal. DDBJ apologizes for your inconveniences during this period, and hopes the renewd services are more useful for the users,
Current operational status is as follows.

Services in operation
HP view by WWW (news/notices, etc are updated appropriately)
 Data submission, update, and release
Mass data submission (other than massFTP)
Issue of Accession Nos.
Data update, and data release
 DRA, DTA, Bioproject data submission, update, release and data retrieval
 Entry search/Keyword search
 Homology search/Phylogenetics
 Another data retrieval and analyses
 NIG new supercomputersystem
Under suspension (resume will be notified at DDBJ HP)
 Data retrieval and analyses
DDBJ Read Annotation Pipeline
 Data submission
Mass submission via massFTP
 CIBEX data submission, update, release and data retrieval
Suspension of some parts of DDBJ activities during Japanese holidays
We at DDBJ will suspend our business on releasing data and answering inquiries from April 28 to 30 and from May 3 to 6, 2012. Search, analysis and other WWW services are available. We will resume the normal business from May 7.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
(4/23-26) DRA and BioProject systems will be unavailable partly
D-way system, DRA file server and the dra directory (except the fastq directory) of DDBJ anonymous FTP site will be unavailable from Apr. 23 at 17:30 to Apr. 26 at 13:00 (JST) due to the relocation of disk storage. During this time, DRA and BioProject data submission systems and the SRA Lite download service will be unavailable. The fastq download service, DRASearch and BPSearch will be available. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Maintenance works finished. Thank you for your cooperation. (Apr. 26, 2012 (Thu) at 12:10 (JST))
Release of sequence data from DDBJ (Mar. – Apr. 2012)
DDBJ released EST data derived from honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica), which had been submitted by RIKEN.  (Available by getentry )

  The accession numbers are as follows ;
  ・HX282115 - HX327225 ( 45,111 entries) 5'-EST
  ・HX327226 - HX373155 ( 45,930 entries) 3'-EST

               total: 91,041 entries

DDBJ released EST data derived from bread wheat (Triticum aestivum), which had been submitted by Yokohama City University.  (Available by getentry )

  The accession numbers are as follows ;
  ・HX000001 - HX201765 ( 201,765 entries)
  ・HX247045 - HX257200 (  10,156 entries)

                total: 211,921 entries
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