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DDBJ staff Oral presentation (2003)

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  • Tateno Y, Ikeo K, Ishi-I J. "CIBEX" AAAS-MGED Meeting (Denver, USA), Feb.15-16.
  • Gojobori T. Opening Remarks & Welcome Speech. The Waterfront Symposium of Human Genome Science (WASH-II), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Tokyo), Feb.24.
  • Sugawara H, Ymaguchi M, Gojobori T. DDBJ together with JBIC proposes Polymorphism Markup Language (PML) for SNPs. Human Genome Meeting (HGM2003) (Cancun, Mexico), Apr.27-30.
  • Tateno Y. Evolutionary study of MHC genomic regions in apes.Pohang University of Science and Technology, KRIBB (Korea) Mar.06.
  • Sugawara H, Miyazaki S. Web services and genome annotation in GRID by DNA Data Bank of Japan. Life Sciences Grid Mini Symposium at GGF7 (Tokyo), Mar.11.
  • Gojobori T. cDNA sequencing, alternative splicing and libraries. Genomics and Cancer Conference (Germany), May 24.
  • Suzuki Y. Overcredibility of molecular phylogenies obtained by Bayesian phylogenetics. National Institute of enetics Seminar (Mishima), May.
  • Gojobori T. Biological Information and Complexity, Complexity of Biological Systems - Conceptual and practical issues -Symposium of the Systemscope International Consortium, Duclaux Amphitheater, Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), Jun.19.
  • Gojobori T. Introduction: Results and plans of H-Invitational Workshop for Human Transcriptome Annotation. Annotation and Modelling of Biological Information Round Table of the Systemscope International Consortium and Disease Edition of H-Invitational International Workshop, Maison de Recherche Jean Hamburger, Foundation for Medical Research (Paris, France), Jun.20.
  • Gojobori T. Database construction of gene expression profile and its application to evolutionary and developmental biology. Evolutionary and Developmental Genomics (Naples, Italy), Jun.23.
  • Fukami-Kobayashi K. DDBJing and TERAKOYA: Educational Activities of CIB-DDBJ. WEB03 (Brisbane, Australia), Jun.28.
  • Gojobori T. Genome to Molecular Evolution. Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution: SMBE Meeting (California, USA), Jun.29.
  • Gojobori T. Introduction to Bioinformatics. The 2nd Korea-Japan Bioinformatics Training Course (KAIST, Korea), Aug.18.
  • Tateno Y, Ikeo K, Minakuchi Y. CIBEX, A public gene expression database. The 6th Microarray Gene Expression Data Society (France), Sep.02-05.
  • Nishikawa K. Genome information analyses using the GTOP database of protein-structure annotations. InCoB2003 (Malaysia), Sep.05-11.
  • Gojobori T. Evolutionary origin of the central nervous system-related genes and its implication to the MHC gene evolution. 7th Asia Oceania Histocompatibility Workshop and Conference and 2003 Annual Scientific Meeting of Australian and South East Asian Tissue Typing Association (Nagano), Sep.19.
  • Nishikawa K. Compositional differences in DNA and proteins between thermo- and mesophilic bacteria correlate with the optimal growth temperature. 76th the Japanese Biochemical Society Annual Meeting (Yokohama), Oct.17-18
  • Okubo K. Integration of PCR-based iAFLP gene expression data with microarray, SAGE and MPSS data. JBIRC Symposium-JBIC Project Report (Tokyo), Oct.23-24.
  • Nishikawa K. Genome data analyses using the GTOP database of protein-structure annotations. ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Meeting for Young Researchers (San Feliu de Guixols, Spain) Oct.24-Nov.01.
  • Fukuchi S. Protein-structure annotation database (GTOP) and its application to genome wide comparison of proteins from bacteria living in extreme environments. The 4th East Asian Biophysics Symposium (Taipei, Taiwan), Nov.03-07.
  • Gojobori T. Opening and Concluding Remarks. H-Invitational 2 Annotation Jamboree, AIST (Tokyo), Nov.10-15.
  • Gojobori T. Transcriptome Annotation Database. Transcriptome 2003, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo), Nov.16.
  • Sugawara H, Nishimura K. A portal site for resources of pathogenic microorganisms. Frontier Studies and International Networking of Genetic Resources in Pathogenic Microorganisms (Tokyo), Nov.21.
  • Gojobori T. Evolution of brain and CNS from the viewpoint of genome and gene expression profile: What happened in the evolutionary process from planarian to human?. Neuroinformatics Research in Vision, RIKEN Okouchi Hall (Saitama), Dec.04.
  • Sugawara H. Tsunami of data - data resources and untilization for biodiscovery -. WFCC workshop: Commercial Use of Microbial Diversity (Melbourne, Australia), Dec.06.
  • Okubo K. Automatic encoding of biomedical Knowledge:method and application. Role of Antibodies in Genome Science (Nagoya), Dec.16-17.
  • Suzuki Y. Positive and negative selection on viral proteins.Mishima Workshop: the post-genomic studies of genetic diversity and evolution of organismic populations (Mishima and Hakone), Nov.22-23.