I have not yet received accession number, how many days does it take to get accession number?

Last updated:2014.7.3.

In principle, accession numbers will be acknowledged to contact person via e-mail (with Subject: "[DDBJ] Assigned Accession No.") within 5 working days (i.e. except holidays) after DDBJ accepting submitted data.
See DDBJ Calendar about working days of DDBJ Center.

When you do not receive accession numbers or inquiry about your data from DDBJ within 5 working days after your data submission, please contact us from contact form by selecting the item, "Data Submission".

To make sure, Do not block E-mails from DDBJ.

In case of using DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System, please confirm if you have received a mail from DDBJ with "DDBJ: Web submission completed" in its subject or not. This mail is automatically sent to contact person, when DDBJ accepts your sequence data via Nucleotide Sequence Submission System.

If you have NOT received the mail,
Your submission is not yet finished, so, please complete your submission.
If you have received the mail,
please contact us from contact form with contact person E-mail address and EntryID of your data by selecting the item, "Data Submission".