I lost my accession number

Last updated:2014.7.3.

If you have specific ID for your data other than accession number, such as EntryID or any, contact us from contact form by selecting the item, "Updating Submitted Data", with ID and E-mail address of contact person.
In case of uncertain, tell us following items as far as you know, then we will search your data.

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation at the time of submission
  • Your current affiliation
  • Your mail address at the time of submission
  • Your current mail address
  • The date, month and/or year, when you submit your data
  • Tool that you used to submit your sequence
  • Your sequence(s) (if many, just a few representatives)
  • Biological feature of your sequence

When we can not find your data, we will ask you to submit your data as new one.