[Nucleotide Sequence Submission System] How to confirm translated amino acid sequences (i.e. /translation qualifier) for CDS features?

Last updated:2017.11.27.

You can confirm amino acid sequences for CDS features as follows.

1. Download UME_win.zip (for Windows) or UME_mac.zip (for MacOSX) from Mass Submission System.
2. Download both annotation and sequence files at 8. Finish on DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System.
3. Run UME and load both annotation and sequence files. Then click [Execute] of transChecker.

The function to confirm amino acid sequences will be applied on DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System.

How can I input amino acid sequnce (/translation qualifier) for CDS feature?
The amino acid sequence in the value of /translation qualifier seems to be incorrect.