Last updated:2016.4.27.

INSDC – International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration –

DDBJ Center has been closely collaborating with ENA; European Nucleotide Archive / EBI; European Bioinformatics Institute in Europe and NCBI; National Center for Biotechnology Information in USA to construct INSD; International Nucleotide Sequence Database through exchanging data and information on internet and by regularly holding two meetings, IAC; the International Advisory Committee and ICM; the International Collaborative Meeting.
The operations of DDBJ, ENA/EBI, NCBI and ICM subscribe to advice from IAC.

Collaboration framework to construct International Nucleotide Sequence Database

From the beginning, 1980s, DDBJ has been functioning as one of the international nucleotide sequence databases, including EMBL-Bank/EBI in Europe and GenBank/NCBI in the USA as the two other members.

In 2005, DDBJ, EMBL-Bank and GenBank agreed to call their collaboration INSDC; International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration; and to call the unified nucleotide sequence database INSD; the International Nucleotide Sequence Database.
The agreement was approved by IAC in May 2005.

In 2009, INSDC added a coraborative meeting to deal with mass sequence data produced by the "next" generation sequencers (Sequence Read Archive) and traces produced by traditional sequencers (Trace Archive).

In 2010, databases at EBI were integrated to ENA; European Nucleotide Archive.

A schematic view of INSDC is shown below.



Members of INSDC

Data type DDBJ Center EMBL-EBI NCBI
Next generation reads Sequence Read Archive European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) Sequence Read Archive
Capillary reads Trace Archive Trace Archive
Annotated sequence DDBJ GenBank
Samples BioSample BioSample
Studies BioProject BioProject


IAC; International Advisory Committee

International Advisory Committee consists of nine members, each of 3 members selected from Europe, US, or Japan.The committee meeting to advice in fairness to maintenance and future plan of INSDC is held once a year.


ICM; International Collaborative Meeting

International Collaborative Meeting consists of working-level participants of INSDC and its fundamental principle is international collaboration. The meeting to discuss practical matters to maintain and update INSDC is held once a year.