Resumption of DDBJ services (as of Apr. 2)

Last updated:2013.2.12.
The computer system in the National Institute of Genetics will be replaced with an upgraded one by March, 2012. Consequently, DDBJ fulfills the provision of high-speed search and/or analysis systems, data submission systems corresponding for the explosive data increase, and other new services.

According to this replacement, currently, some DDBJ services are being suspended as of February 15, 2012.

The services that are available from April 2.
 Search and Analysis
NIG starts the application for new supercomputer system
 NIG new supercomputer system
We start the operation this system from March 21, 2012.
For using, you need to apply for a supercomputer account from "Apply the use of super computer system (in Japanese)".
For more information, please refer to the "New supercomputer introduction (in Japanese)" and "How to use the super computer system (in Japanese)".
Under suspention (resume will be notified at DDBJ HP)
 Data retrieval and analyses
BLAST & ClustalW
Resume is scheduled for the middle of March, after running the new supercomputer system. Before the services are resumed, as alternative way, please visit
NCBI BLAST, EBI-ClustalWGenomenet-ClustalW(Kyoto Univ.)
DDBJ Read Annotation Pipeline
 Data submission
Mass submission via massFTP
Continuously provided services
DDBJ HP view by WWW
DDBJ HP update (news, notices, etc)
 Data submission, update, and release
SAKURA data submission
Mass data submission (other than massFTP)
Issue of Accession Nos.
Data update,and data release
 DRA/DTA/Bioproject data submission, update,release and data retrieval
 CIBEX data submission, update,release and data retrieval
 Data retrieval and analyses
 Data download by anonymousFTP
Currently provided as new services (from Feb.15)
DDBJ sincerely apologizes for your inconvenience.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.