Operation Status of DDBJ services after replacement of NIG computer system (as of Apr. 20)

Last updated:2012.4.23.
The National Institute of Genetics replaced its computer system in this March 2012. And most of DDBJ services which had been suspended because of the replacement works since February 15, was completed resumption or renewal. DDBJ apologizes for your inconveniences during this period, and hopes the renewd services are more useful for the users,
Current operational status is as follows.

Services in operation
HP view by WWW (news/notices, etc are updated appropriately)
 Data submission, update, and release
Mass data submission (other than massFTP)
Issue of Accession Nos.
Data update, and data release
 DRA, DTA, Bioproject data submission, update, release and data retrieval
 Entry search/Keyword search
 Homology search/Phylogenetics
 Another data retrieval and analyses
 NIG new supercomputersystem
Under suspension (resume will be notified at DDBJ HP)
 Data retrieval and analyses
DDBJ Read Annotation Pipeline
 Data submission
Mass submission via massFTP
 CIBEX data submission, update, release and data retrieval