Last updated:2015.11.6.

Acceptable data for DDBJ

For the request of primary entry submission, in principle, DDBJ accepts any nucleotide sequences that are experimentally determined by submitters, but can not accept computational predicted and/or cited sequences.

Even if your sequence is identical to previously reported sequence(s), on the condition that the sequence is independently determined, you can submit it as a "new" entry.

DDBJ also acccepts an entry that is obtained by assembling primary entries publicized from DDBJ/EMBL-Bank/GenBank of INSDC and/or is added annotation(s) by experimental or inferential method by submitter as TPA (third party data).

When you are to publicize raw output data for your studies related to SNPs, WGS, transcriptome and so on, we recommend you to contact with DDBJ Trace Archive or DDBJ Sequence Read Archive, instead of DDBJ/EMBL-Bank/GenBank.



Submisson of the data including identical sequences or partially duplicated sequences

Basically, DDBJ accepts all sequence data that are independently determined, even though seqences are identical each other. For variation studies, DDBJ also accepts submissions of representative data.

If you determine many sequences derived from the same indivisual, we strongly recommend to update sequence data submitted previously, rather than to submit new sequence data many times.
However, since multicycle submissions for a single resource are required by any reasons; right for sequence data, phases of sequencing etc., DDBJ does not restrict them.


DRA; DDBJ Sequence Read Archive

DDBJ Sequence Read Archive is collecting output data generated by next-generation sequencing methodologies sucn as 454, Solexa, SOLiD and so on.

DRA is a member of Sequence Read Archive collaboration with SRA at NCBI and SRA at European Nucleotide Archive/EBI in a part of INSDC.

You can search, browse and download archive data released from DRA at DRASearch.


DTA; DDBJ Trace Archive

DDBJ Trace Archive is a repository of DNA sequence chromatograms (traces), base calls, and quality estimates from various large-scale sequencing projects.

DTA is collecting trace data in Trace Archive collaboration with Trace Archive at NCBI and Trace Archive at European Nucleotide Archive/EBI in a part of INSDC.