Last updated:2017.9.27.


The definition briefly describes the information of gene(s). "DEFINITION" is constructed by each of the three data banks in accordance with standard rules in principle.However, in the case of EST or GSS submission using Mass Submission System, DDBJ will sometimes ask submitters to construct "DEFINITION".

Sample: complete sequence of maize catalase coding gene

DEFINITION  Zea mays Cat3 gene for catalase, complete cds.
Format: [organism name] [gene name] gene for [product name], complete cds.
  • organism name; The scientific name is indicated as the organism name, in principle.
  • gene name; the symbol of the gene
  • product name; the general name of product
  • complete cds; this coding sequence is complete

Sample: partial sequence of human glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase coding cDNA

DEFINITION  Homo sapiens  mRNA for glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate
            dehydrogenase, partial cds.
Format: [organism name] mRNA for [product name], partial cds.
  • partial cds; this protein coding sequence is partial
  • The gene name is omitted, because the submitter did not describe.

Sample: partial sequence of Bacillus 16S rRNA

DEFINITION  Bacillus sp. AZ25 gene for 16S rRNA, partial 
Format: [organism name] [strain name] gene for [product name], partial sequence.
  • In cases of unidentified species, comparison of intraspecies, and so on, describe name of strain, isolate or some, as identifier.
  • partial sequence; this sequence is part of 16S rRNA.

Sample: multiple CDS of rat mitochondrial DNA

DEFINITION  Rattus norvegicus mitochondrial genes for cytochrome
            c oxidase subunit II, ATPase subunit 6, cytochrome c
            oxidase subunit III, partial and complete cds.
Format: [organism name] [gene name 1], [gene name 2], ... genes for [product name 1], [product name 2], ..., complete cds.
  • The gene names and/or product names are subsequently described from 5'to 3' end.
  • "partial, complete and partial cds" is abbreviated to "partial and complete cds".
  • If some genes have only gene names or product names, only gene name or product name is described principally.
  • If the "DEFINITION" is too long, some information, such as map position, is described instead of the gene or product names.
  • Sometimes gene cluster or operon name is described, if it is considered reasonable.

Sample: EST data of human liver 3' end

DEFINITION  Homo sapiens cDNA, clone:ABC123, 3' end, expressed
            in liver.
Format: [organism name] cDNA, clone:[clone name], [other information].
  • The clone name is mandatory.

Sample: GSS data of mouse chromosome 1q

DEFINITION  Mus musculus DNA, clone:1H11A14, 1q region.
Format: [organism name] DNA, clone:[clone name], [other information].
  • The clone name is mandatory.

Sample: TPA (Third Party Data) of human GAPD

DEFINITION  TPA_exp: Homo sapiens GAPD mRNA for
            glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, complete cds.
Format: [TPA header]: [organism name] [gene name] mRNA for [product name], complete cds.
  • In the case of TPA (Third Party Data), either of "TPA_exp" (for TPA:experimental) or "TPA_inf" (for TPA:inferential) is described at the beginning of DEFINITION.