Last updated:2017.5.17.

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Download: Tools for Data File Checking

Each tool requires Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 or later installed properly on a PC that it runs.
See End-user license agreement and System requirements before using tools.
You can download (HTTP only), install and execute following tools as appropriate.

Name OS Version Refix Date Remarks Windows 1.43 2017/05/17 UME contains two check tools, Parser and transChecker. MacOSX unix
Parser.tar.gz unix 6.56 2017/05/17 When you use UME, it is not required to install.
transChecker.tar.gz unix 2.21 2017/05/17 When you use UME, it is not required to install.


Documents for Making Data Files

Name Refix Date Remarks
Making MSS Files 2014/12/19 Required to read
End-User License Agreement 2013/10/18 Required to read
System requirements 2015/09/28 Required to read
UME User's Manual 2014/09/05
Parser User's Manual 2013/11/29
transChecker User's Manual 2014/11/07


Documents for Annotation

Name Refix Date Remarks
Feature Table Definition 2016/11/17 version 10.6
Feature Qualifier usage matrix 2016/11/09
Sample file 2015/02/13 Examples of annotation file
Example of Submission 2014/11/27 Examples of features in DDBJ flat file
The relationships between annotation file and DDBJ flat file 2015/02/13