Last updated:2017.3.17.

How to Make Sequence File

  • Remove the sequences derived from vector, linker or adaptor.
    If you would like to submit some artificially constructed sequence itself, such as an expression vector etc., you do not have to remove that.
  • In principle, please remove the base code 'n' locating 5' or 3' end of sequences. For especially EST submissions, please do not send the raw outputs of a sequencer. You should screen your sequences to remove unreliable output(s) often locating at 5'-end.
  • First line starts with [>], followed by the Entry name at the head of each sequence.
  • Entry name is required to be described in less than 32 letters of characters which do not contain [space], " [double-quote], ? [question], [back-slash].
  • Entry names must be unique in the sequence file.
    It is common to use clone name or isolate name as unique Entry name.
  • You can use not only a, t, g and c but also characters in Nucleotide base codes for your nucleotide sequences, if necessary.
  • The names and the orders of Entry in the both of sequence and annotation files should be matched.
    The accession numbers will be assigned in the order of entries.
  • Please be sure to input the end flag [//] at the end of each sequence.
  • Sequence file is required to contain NO space or blank line.
  • In case of CON entry, AGP file can be used as a substitute for sequence file.
  • It is required to validate formats of sequence file and annotation file by UME or Parser.