Last updated:2017.6.28.

Submitter, Contact person, and other terms



Submitter of the entry is the person who have responsibility to the submitted data in the entry, in principle.

Only submitter can update his/her entry. Basically, submitter takes responsibility to reply inquiry from DDBJ or DDBJ users about his/her data.

In principle, submitter is indicated in the REFERENCE 1 of DDBJ flat file.



Contact person

"Contact person" is the person who is responsible about the descriptions of the entry and has a duty as a representative to correspond with DDBJ and its users.

  • "Contact person" has to be one of the submitters, in principle.
  • "Contact person" is the person who will make contact with DDBJ and its users about the entry, in principle. So, do not block E-mails from DDBJ.
  • In principle, Contact person is indicated in the REFERENCE 1 of DDBJ flat file.

When you wishes to contact to the submitter(s) of an entry of your interest, please contact us with the inquiry form with reasons briefly, then we will forward your message to the submitter(s).

Reference: Revision of DDBJ flat file format: Deletion of E-mail address, phone and fax numbers

DDBJ deleted E-mail addresses from the flat files of the entries submitted to DDBJ at the end of 2007.



The terms related to particular date


Accept date

"Accept date" is the date that DDBJ gets the original data enough to assign accession number, in principle.


Hold date

"Hold date" is the date to start the distribution of the entry. Submitter can specify the date, if necessary
Reference: Principle of "Hold-Until-Published" data release


Holiday and Working day

DDBJ Center takes days off not only every Saturday and Sunday but also Japanese national holidays, year-end and new year holidays (from December 29th to January 3rd) and summer holidays of the Research Organization of Information and Systems (two days in August). See also DDBJ Calendar.
Working day
In principle, accession numbers will be acknowledged to contact person via e-mail within 5 working days (i.e. except above holidays) after DDBJ accepting submitted data.



Other terms


Flat file

"Flat file" is the DDBJ format for distribution.
Reference: Explanation of DDBJ flat file Format]



"Entry" is the unit of the data of DDBJ and INSDC. The database is a collection of entry.
Reference: Explanation of DDBJ flat file Format


Primary entry

"Primary entry" is publicly available in the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank databases and the sequence of primary entry has been experimentally determined by submitter.
Confer: TPA (Third Party Data)


Primary citation

"Primary citation" is the main paper for the sequence of the entry.
In principle, primary citation is indicated in the REFERENCE 2 of DDBJ flat file. In the case of no schedule for publication except INSD, [Published Only in Database] is indicated.
Since REFERENCE 2 indicates the publication status of the sequence, the reference which does not describe about the submitting sequence is indicated as REFERENCE 3 or after, not as REFERENCE 2.