7. Annotation: upload an annotation file

Upload annotation file

Submission by uploading the annotation file

Annotation file that is able to be uploaded

Please refer Making MSS Files for preparation of annotation file.

Please include only annotation section in annotation file.

You cannot upload WGS, CON, AGP, EST, GSS, STS, HTG, HTC, TSA files. Please contact Mass Submission System (MSS) to submit such submission files.

Information that you entered on the pages, "1. Contact person", "2. Hold date", "3. Submitter", and "4. Reference", are added in front of uploaded annotation file as COMMON section.

When COMMON is included in the uploaded annotation file, if will be replaced with information obtained from "1. Contact person", "2. Hold date", "3. Submitter", and "4. Reference."

For TPA, you should not include PRIMARY_CONTIG section in annotation file. PRIMARY_CONTIG section is automatically inserted to the uploaded annotation file by converting information of the "5.Sequence" page.

Definition of Feature key
Definition of Qualifier key
Organism qualifier
CDS feature

Example annotation file used for upload

You can download sample annotation file (tab-delimited format).


Cases causing upload error

  • The annotation file is not in text file format. Even when you use MS Word, MS Excel or some to make annotation file, you have to save in text file format.
  • The linefeed code of annotation file is CR only. The code should be LF or CR+LF.
  • Entry names entered in fasta format of 5. Sequence are not described in annotation file, or order of Entry names is different between annotation file and fasta format of 5. Sequence.
  • The tab-delimited column structure of annotation file is not appropriate. Tabs should not be used for indent in annotation file.
  • Feature name is not correct, or some extra space characters are included in Feature column.

"Upload & Confirm" => no error

Submission by uploading the annotation file

"Upload & Confirm" => Error/Warning occurred

Submission by uploading the annotation file

  • When error/warning occurred at "Submitter", "Reference", or "Sequence", please go back to previous page by clicking the page name on progress bar. After correction, you must click "Next" on each page, and then click "7.Annotation" on progress bar in order to return to file-uploading page.