Last updated:2016.10.5.

DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System (NSSS)

  • We recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome, because we tested the system only on these environments.
  • DO NOT use [Back] button of web browser during submission.
  • You can resume the submission from the bookmark, if you bookmark the page.
    • Note: In order to suspend the submission except for "7.Annotation" page, you must click [Next] after you fill each input field.
    • Note:You may not be able to resume your submission correctly, if you suspend the submission process for a long period of time.
  • We strongly recommend you to read Nucleotide Sequence Submission before your submission
  • Check your sequences by VecScreen to exclude vector sequences before submission.
  • You can see
    HELP file of the submission system (PDF)     and illustrated instruction by clicking [Help] icon on each page.
  • If you have any questions on the usage of this system, send your question with URL of the submission page from Contact form. On the next page, select an item, "DDBJ Nucleotide Submission System".
  • Please configure your blocking tools against unwanted junk E-mails, NOT to block E-mails from DDBJ.
  • TPA data submission is also acceptable via this system. When you would like to submit TPA data, select "constructed by using cited sequences" on sequence input page, "Sequences".


  Feature Table: Definition
  Definition of Feature Key
  Definition of Qualifier Key
  genetic code (/transl_table)

Precautions to modify submitted data

  • This system accepts only new submissions.
  • DO NOT send update request via this system.
  • We accept your modification request after submission from Contact form. On the next page, select an item, "DDBJ Nucleotide Submission System" and input your EntryID.
  • After getting your accession number, you can request update of your submitted data.
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