Last updated:2015.11.9.

Sequence Data Transition

Following figure shows the dataflow from new submisson to release and update at DDBJ.


0. Article Submission

It is now the usual practice for authors to acquire accession numbers from DDBJ(, EMBL, or GenBank) to their sequences when they submit articles to journals.
* You can submit your sequences to DDBJ, even if you have no plan to publication of article related to the sequences.

1. Nucleotide Sequence Submission

Basically, DDBJ accepts nucleotide sequence submissions via Nucleotide Sequence Submission System or Mass Submission System. DDBJ issues an accession number for each sequence after processing submitted data.

2. Hold until Publication

During sequence submission, the submitter can specify that the data can be made available to the public through DDBJ immediately or not. If the submitter wishes to hold the data until publication, submitter has to specify a hold date

3. Release of Sequence Data

DDBJ releases the submitted data that specified to be open to the public immediately, as soon as possible after processing. The submitted entry that is specified to hold until publication will be released according to principle of data release. When the accession number of the hold entry is published, the entry will be released with no exception and no permission from the submitter. Everyone can request DDBJ to release the unpublished data whose accession numbers are on the published papers.

4. Availability of Released Data

At first, the data released from DDBJ are available via getentry and anonymous FTP. The data are forwarded to GenBank and EMBL, and the data are available also via GenBank and EMBL. The data are also expanded into services provided from DDBJ, Search and Analysis, ARSA and so on. Basically, the data released from DDBJ are available for everyone.

5. Citation of Released Data

Released data from DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank are cited many biological databases.

6. Feed back for Released Data

If you have comments or questions for released data, please contact the submitters of each entry. If you can not directly contact the submitters, please contact us through the inquiry form with reasons

7. Right of Entry Update

Only submitters of the entry can update and modify the entry. After data madification, the submitter of the entry can also specify either of immediate release or hold until publication. However, in principle, if the entry have already been open to the public, the entry can not restore hold.