Last updated:2017.6.17.

Data Updates/Corrections: after getting your accession number

See Categories for Sequence Data.
When you like to update your data submitted to DRA: DDBJ Sequence Read Archive, BioProject or BioSample, see the corresponding site, respectively.

DRA Login to D-way and update by yourself.
In case of data addition or deletion, contact us via web form
BioProject contact us via web form
BioSample contact us via web form

Following items are brief explanations about how to update your data submitted to narrowly-defined DDBJ, as a counterpart of GenBank and EMBL-Bank.

Making requests
We only accept updating requests from the original submitter of the entry.
Therefore if you are not the submitter you will need authorization from the submitter before making requests for the entry.
Accepting your requests
We will send you a E-mail when your request is accepted.
We will contact you only if we have queries or require further information.

In general, send your update request via web form.
In complicated cases, contact us by mail to .
Followings are examples of frequent update requests. For other cases see FAQ.

When our paper was published Select a corresponding item at application form
When our paper was accepted
To postpone the hold-date
To change the contact person, belonging, etc..
How to update our sequence? Mail to ddbjupdt#64;
I can not find sequence data that should be published.
How to update many entries with a number of corrections?
How to restore the released data to private?