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GIB(Genome Information Broker) started the delivery of update information by RSS. You will be notified whenever new genomes are added or existing genomes are updated, if you register the GIB RSS site by use of an RSS reader.

What is RSS?
RSS is a shortened name of Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, and a number of web site has used to push the information on headline, outline, update date, the link to the web site and so on to the user.

How to read RSS ?
You can subscribe to RSS of any Web site by Google, Yahoo! and other portal sites, if you are a registered user of the portal site. Please find the example of subscription in the following in the case of Goole:

Why you should use RSS? You need not visit the site every morning to find what's new. You will be notified by the site that the site is updated. In the case of GIB RSS, the list of new genomes and updated genomes is delivered to you. You click the genome of you interest in the list and you are directly guided to the web page of the genome that you choose.

How to register to the GIB RSS
You may want to install a program of RSS reader by yourself, instead of using Google, Yahoo! or other portal sites. We explain the usage of RSS program installed in Windows machine:
  1. Install a RSS reader. The following figure is RssReader(http://www.rssreader.com/).
  2. Register RSS delivery site of GIB(http://gib.genes.nig.ac.jp/rss.php) to the installed RSS reader.
  3. The line of GIB is added.
  4. Select the GIB line (the box 3 in the figure) and the list from GIB is displayed.
  5. Choose one of the genomes in the list (the box 4 in the figure) and you will know if it is updated or newly added.

Please forward your request to this type of alert system and we will expand RSS to other DDBJ services

January 4, 2008
Last modified: Jun. 15, 2011