Change the DDBJ anonymous FTP

We DDBJ changed the anonymous FTP structure.The key changes lists are following,

Changed directory names and structure

There were divided into ddbj_database (the DDBJ data) and mirror_database (the other databases data) directories though the DDBJ data and the other databases data were put together in the database under a top directory so far.

---PAST--- :from the DDBJ data and from the other databases

---NOW--- :from the DDBJ data :from the other databases data


Detailed data in the ddbj_database,we made README.TXT

- Notice -

The Old directory(database) will be maintained one month. When regularaly watch, please change to the new directories.

Pict1. A top position of anonymous FTP(2008.2.26)

Pict2. A part of README.TXT

March 7, 2008