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"DDBJ Sequence Read Archive (DRA)" and "DDBJ Trace Archive (DTA)" websites open!

DDBJ announce the release of DDBJ Sequence Read Archive(DRA) and DDBJ Trace Archive(DTA) websites.

DDBJ Sequence Read Archive DDBJ Trace Archive

DDBJ Sequence Read Archive (DRA) is an archive for primary analysis data from next-generation sequencers. DDBJ Trace Archive (DTA) is an archive for DNA sequence chromatograms (traces), base calls, and quality estimates for single-pass reads from capillary sequencers. The DRA and DTA collect the data in a collaboration with NCBI and EBI.

This DRA/DTA website describes the instructions for the data submission, file transfer, etc. This website will be helpful for the submission of the data from next-generation and/or capillary sequencers. Please refer them when you submit such data.

Moreover, in the DTA site, the data search (submitted via DDBJ) is available.

The DRA and DTA are a part of National project of integrating life science databases.

August 5, 2009