Release of MGA data of human (Homo sapiens)

DDBJ newly released 5'SAGE tags, MGA data, derived from human (Homo sapiens), which had been submitted by University of Tokyo.

The accession numbers are as follows;

AEAAA0000001-AEAAA0026367 (26,367 entries)
AEAAB0000001-AEAAB0012114 (12,114 entries)
AEAAC0000001-AEAAC0021096 (21,096 entries)
AEAAD0000001-AEAAD0024262 (24,262 entries)
AEAAE0000001-AEAAE0023437 (23,437 entries)
AEAAF0000001-AEAAF0030485 (30,485 entries)
AEAAG0000001-AEAAG0021798 (21,798 entries)
AEAAH0000001-AEAAH0040734 (40,734 entries)
AEAAI0000001-AEAAI0029614 (29,614 entries)
AEAAJ0000001-AEAAJ0030206 (30,206 entries)

Anonymous FTP: AE_resource_index
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