Apologies for defects in DDBJ and DAD data

Last updated:2013.1.18.

A disorder was found in a software tool to load entries from EMBL-Bank to DDBJ.
Details are as follows:

  • Coverage: DDBJ entries loaded from EMBL-Bank, and DAD entries generated from relevant data
    prefixes; AJ, AL, AM, BX, CR, CT, CU, FM, FN, FQ, FR, HE, V, X, Y, Z
  • Period: From 2012.02.24
  • Situation: The data had too much PubMed IDs, when the entry had two or more REFERENCEs.
  • Services: Anonymous FTP, getentry, ARSA, BLAST, NIG supercomputer
  • Measure:
    After 2012.09.23, newly released data have been fixed.
    For released data, we redistributed and applied "DDBJ release 90.1" and "DAD release 60.1" on 2012.10.19.

We apologize for your inconvenience.