Release of TSA data from 6 coral snakes

Last updated:2017.7.18.

DDBJ released TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly) from six coral snakes which had been submitted by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

organism name TSA accession numbers DRA accession numbers
Micrurus lemniscatus carvalhoi IACI01000001-IACI01120742 (120,742 entries) (IACI.gz) DRR089665 (DRA005678)
Micrurus corallinus IACJ01000001-IACJ01167791 (167,791 entries) (IACJ.gz) DRR089662 (DRA005678)
Micrurus lemniscatus lemniscatus IACK01000001-IACK01245578 (245,578 entries) (IACK.gz) DRR089661 (DRA005678)
Micrurus paraensis IACL01000001-IACL01123836 (123,836 entries) (IACL.gz) DRR089664 (DRA005678)
Micrurus spixii IACM01000001-IACM01183365 (183,365 entries) (IACM.gz) DRR089663 (DRA005678)
Micrurus surinamensis IACN01000001-IACN01120672 (120,672 entries) (IACN.gz) DRR089660 (DRA005678)