Suspension of the DDBJ activity during the New Year Holidays

Last updated:2017.12.5.

We at DDBJ will temporarily close for the New Year Holidays from December 29(Fri), 2017 to January 3(Wed), 2018.
Please note that DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System will be unavailable. Schedule is as follows.
NIG Supercomputer and DDBJ network services (except DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System)
are available during the New Year Holidays.

During this period, DDBJ will continue to receive inquiries from E-mail and "Contact us" web form.
But, please note that replies from DDBJ is after the reopening of the office in January, 2017.

DDBJ office close Dec. 29(Fri), 2017 - Jan. 3(Wed), 2018
DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System Dec. 27(Wed), 2017 at 18:00
     - Jan. 4(Thu), 2018 at 10:00 (JST)
Data release suspension Dec. 28(Thu), 2017 - Jan. 4(Thu), 2018
Reply for inquiries
(submission, search/analysis, NIG SuperComputer)
Dec. 29(Fri), 2017 - Jan. 3(Wed), 2018
DRA, BioProject, BioSample, JGA Accession No. issue Dec. 29(Fri), 2017 - Jan. 4(Thu), 2018

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

December 5, 2017