Before sending inquiry to us

Since we carry out DDBJ services within the limited number of members, we have to prioritize our tasks.
Please contact us via web form or mail. In principle, we do not accept any inquiry via phone call.
Please see the following manners before sending your questions to us. If your inquiry violates the manners, we will assign lower priority to it. In cases of the extreme violations, we can not reply the questions.

Before asking, investigate by yourself as far as you can.
It may be inadequate both our services and their explanation contents. However, when there is something you can not understand, please check at first help pages in the services, FAQ, search in DDBJ sites (search window at the top of DDBJ web pages).
Furthermore, depending on your questions, you may be able to get answers with general internet searches.
Is your question reasonable to send to DDBJ?
For instance, do not send questions about basic knowledge of networks, basic biology or textbook contents.
For example, you may be able to get answer from your friends, your advisors, or someone nearby you.
Or, DDBJ can not answer interpretations of individual data or individual research problems.
Have you considered detail contents of your inquiry?
Before sending your question, please make it as a consistent sentence.
Like as sending general mails, please read back and refine it.
Please describe summary of your question in title (mail subject) of your inquiry.
Please describe the title with expression of the outline of your question. Neither of "help!", "can not understand" or "inquiry" is appropriate for it.
Have you provided enough data to answer to your inquiry?
If you did not describe sufficient contents in your question, we needed to ask you about it.
It would overspend both of your time and our efforts.
Please describe your data concretely, not abstractly, if you do not have to conceal details of your data.
Some of DDBJ services assign IDs to the objects. So, please send the IDs for your objects, when something wrong with it. Then we can easily specify the corresponding objects, and we may be able to reply your inquiry earlier. Depending on services, such ID may be included in the URL. If so, please send the URL to us.
Please describe your PC environment, names of OS and browser that you use, if necessary. We assume that you use our services in the recommended environments. For our web services, please use recommended browsers.
When you state only "It does not work", "I can not do ....", "I tried many things" or some, it expresses nothing to us. So, we could not understand what did you do. Please concretely describe the process of what you did and what kind of difficulty or trouble you encountered so that we can reproduce the situation.
Error messages include many data.
Even when you can not understand error messages, please send them to us when you find the output of them. If the error messages are too much, please send a part of them.