DDBJ Group Cloud

DDBJ group cloud service for sharing pre-publication data

As the sequencing technologies advance and the amount of genomic data generated grows, it becomes critical to store, analyze and share large-scale data with research collaborators efficiently. To facilitate the sharing and analysis of pre-publication data among research groups, the DDBJ Center has operated a cloud-type service DDBJ Group Cloud (DGC) on the NIG SuperComputer since February 2017.

In the DGC databases, users can upload and share their pre-publication data with their research collaborators in the data models which are identical to those of the public databases. Upon publication, users can submit their data by simply transferring the data from the DGC database to the corresponding public one of the DDBJ Center.

The DGC hosts the AMED Genome Group Sharing Database (AGD) as the first use case. In the AGD, researchers funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) upload and share their pre-publication raw personal genome sequencing data in the JGA’s data model. Because the DGC is not a fully public service, the operating costs are shared with the DGC users.