DOR Database Abbreviations

ArrayExpress (null) ArrayExpress ArrayExpress. ArrayExpress is a public repository for transcriptomics data, which is aimed at storing MIAME- and MINSEQE- compliant data in accordance with MGED recommendations.
MGED Ontology (null) MGED Ontology MGED Ontology. The Microarray Gene Expression Data Society Ontology. An ontology for microarray experiments.
a.niger_gene (null) a.niger_gene a.niger_gene
abrc_stock (null) abrc_stock Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center Seed Stock Catalog
affymetrix_netaffx (null) affymetrix_netaffx Affymetrix NetAffx analysis center
affymetrix_snp (null) affymetrix_snp Affymetrix: SNP
agilent_agc (null) agilent_agc Agilent: agc
agilent_agp (null) agilent_agp Agilent: agp
agilent_at (null) agilent_at Agilent: AT. Arabidopsis genome
agilent_control EQC1.0 agilent_control Agilent: ControlDB. Agilent controls database
agilent_lacat (null) agilent_lacat Agilent: LACategory. Agilent Location Analysis Category
agilent_probe (null) agilent_probe Agilent: ProbeDB. Agilent probe database
agilent_target (null) agilent_target Agilent: ProbeDB. Agilent target database
aniseed (null) aniseed Ascidian Network for InSitu Expression and Embryological Data (ANISEED)
anoest (null) anoest AnoEST. Anopheles gambiae EST database.
asrp (null) asrp Arabidopsis Small RNA Project Database
astra_hpylori (null) astra_hpylori AstraZeneca Helicobacter pylori database. Contains annotation and relationships for all putative open reading frames from H. pylori strain J99 and strain 26695.
atcc (null) atcc ATCC. American Type Culture Collection.
bdgp (null) bdgp BDGP. Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
beebase (null) beebase BeeBase
blocks (null) blocks Blocks. Multiple alignments of conserved regions of protein families.
candidadb (null) candidadb CandidaDB. Genomic and protein sequence information and relevant annotation related to the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans.
cas (null) cas CAS registry. Collection of disclosed chemical substance information.
catma (null) catma Complete Arabidopsis Transcriptome MicroArray (CATMA) contains Gene Sequence Tags (GSTs) covering most Arabidopsis genes, primarily for use in transcription profiling DNA arrays.
cbil_cv (null) cbil_cv Center for Bioinformatics CBIL Controlled Vocabularies. Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory (CBIL) Controlled Vocabularies. The controlled vocabulary is based on a table of anatomy terms taken from the Mouse Gene Expression Database at the Jackson Laboratory (specifically GXD mouse stage 28 - adult.) However, it has been extended to incorporate human anatomy and also revised in a number of areas, particularly the haematolymphoid system, based on the 37th edition of Gray's Anatomy, and the brain, thanks to the contributions of Dr. Jonathan Nissanov of Drexel University.
celera_gene (null) celera_gene Celera Gene database (Panther Classification System)
celera_transcript (null) celera_transcript Celera Transcript database (Panther Classification System)
chebi (null) chebi ChEBI. Chemical Entities of Biological Interest.
chromosome (null) chromosome chromosome
chromosome_coordinate (null) chromosome_coordinate chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ensembl40 ensembl40 chromosome_coordinate:ensembl40 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:genedb_aug2005 genedb_aug2005 chromosome_coordinate:genedb_aug2005 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:jgi4.1 jgi4.1 chromosome_coordinate:jgi4.1 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35 ncbi35 chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35.1_mm7_aug2005 ncbi35_mm7_aug2005 chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35.1_mm7_aug2005 "chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35.1_mm7_aug2005. Mouse genome, NCBI"
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35_hg17_may2004 ncbi35_hg17_may2004 chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35_hg17_may2004 chromosome_coordinate:ncbi35_hg17_may2004. Human genome, NCBI
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36 ncbi36 chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36.1_hg ncbi36.1_hg chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36.1_hg chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36.2_hg ncbi36.2_hg chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36.2_hg chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36_hg ncbi36_hg chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36_hg chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36_mm ncbi36_mm chromosome_coordinate:ncbi36_mm chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg16 ucsc_hg16 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg16 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg17 ucsc_hg17 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg17 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg18 ucsc_hg18 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_hg18 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_mm7 ucsc_mm7 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_mm7 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_mm8 ucsc_mm8 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_mm8 chromosome_coordinate
chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_saccer1 ucsc_sacCer1 chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_saccer1 "chromosome_coordinate:ucsc_saccer1. S. cerevisiae genome, NCBI"
chromosome_coordinate:unknown (null) chromosome_coordinate:unknown chromosome_coordinate
cog (null) cog COGs. Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins.
compugen (null) compugen Compugen
coriell (null) coriell Coriell Cell Repositories
coriell_nia (null) coriell_nia Coriell NIA Aging Cell Repository
coriell_nigms (null) coriell_nigms Coriell NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
cp450 (null) cp450 Cytochrome P450 homepage
crest (null) crest CR-EST. The IPK Crop EST Database is a public available online resource providing access to sequence, classification, clustering, and annotation data of crop EST projects at the IPK (Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben).
cto (null) cto Cell Type Ontology
cyanobase (null) cyanobase CyanoBase. Genome database for Cyanobacteria.
cytoband (null) cytoband cytoband. This database object was created to hold cytogenetic band locations
ddbj (null) ddbj DNA Data Bank of Japan.
dfci (null) dfci DFCI. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
dfci_asgi (null) dfci_asgi DFCI Atlantic Salmon Gene Index
dfci_btgi (null) dfci_btgi DFCI Cattle Gene Index
dfci_gggi (null) dfci_gggi DFCI Chicken Gene Index
dfci_rgi (null) dfci_rgi DFCI Rat Gene Index
dfci_ssgi (null) dfci_ssgi DFCI Pig Gene Index
dfci_zgi (null) dfci_zgi DFCI Zebrafish Gene Index
dictybase (null) dictybase dictyBase. Dictyostelium discoideum online informatics resource.
ec (null) ec Enzyme Commission. NC-IUBMB, general information on enzyme nomenclature plus a list of EC numbers
emap_ts (null) emap_ts EMAP: Theiler Stage. Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP) Theiler Stage Selection - Pictorial Index.
embl (null) embl DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank. DNA Data Bank of Japan/European Molecular Biology Laboratory/genetic sequence database.
ens_est_trscrpt_id (null) ens_est_trscrpt_id Ensembl EST trancript ids
ens_fam_id (null) ens_fam_id Ensembl fam_id
ens_gene_id (null) ens_gene_id Ensembl gene_id
ens_trscrpt_id (null) ens_trscrpt_id Ensembl trscrpt_id
ensembl (null) ensembl Ensembl. Up-to-date sequence annotation for eukaryotic genomes
ensembl:30 30 ensembl:30 Ensembl
ensembl:33 33 ensembl:33 Ensembl
entrez (null) entrez Entrez. Text-based search tool at NCBI for major databases (incl. PubMed, Nucleotide and Protein Sequences, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, Taxonomy).
entrez_gene 20060727 entrez_gene EntrezGene
entrez_protein (null) entrez_protein Entrez Protein. Mirror of PIR database at NCBI-Entrez: Used by Affymetrix for array annotation: NOTE: querying should be performed from NCBI web site as AFFY has provided only gi: number instead of actual PIR identifiers
estima (null) estima ESTIMA:Songbird. ESTIMA:Songbird represents a still-evolving collection of zebra finch sequences and annotations
evoc (null) evoc eVOC. eVOC is a set of orthogonal controlled vocabularies that unifies gene expression data by facilitating a link between the genome sequence and expression phenotype information. The four eVOC ontologies provide an appropriate set of detailed human terms that describe the sample source of human experimental material such as cDNA and SAGE libraries. These expression terms are linked to libraries and transcripts allowing the assessment of tissue expression profiles, differential gene expression levels and the physical distribution of expression across the genome. Analysis is currently possible using EST and SAGE data, with microarray data being incorporated.
expasy (null) expasy ExPASy. Expert Protein Analysis System. Analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE.
flybase (null) flybase FlyBase. Drosophila genome database
flybase_computed_gene (null) flybase_computed_gene FlyBase: Computed Gene. Information on Drosophila genes, alleles, annotated genome, proteins, their function and expression patterns.
flybase_dv (null) flybase_dv FlyBase: Developmental Stage. FlyBase controlled vocabularies for developmental stages.
fma (null) fma Foundational Model of Anatomy
foresttreedb (null) foresttreedb foresttreedb
gdb (null) gdb GDB. The Genome Database. Human genes and genomic maps.
genbank (null) genbank GenBank
genbank_pr (null) genbank_pr GenBank Primate
genecards (null) genecards GeneCards. Database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases
genedb (null) genedb GeneDB. Database resource for Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Leishmania major and Trypanosoma brucei.
genesnps (null) genesnps GeneSNPs. Integrates gene, sequence and polymorphism data into individually annotated gene models.
genew (null) genew Genew. Human gene nomenclature database search engine
genmapp (null) genmapp GenMAPP. Gene MicroArray Pathway Profiler
genolevures (null) genolevures Genolevures. A large-scale comparative genomics project across the evolutionary range of the Hemiascomycetous yeast phylum coordinated by CNRS (GDR2354) and operated by a Consortium of laboratories and research centers affiliated to different institutions.
genpept (null) genpept GenPept. Genetic sequence data bank. A database of translated coding sequences from DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank.
gi (null) gi GI
gid (null) gid gid
go (null) go Gene Ontology (biological process, cellular component and molecular function)
gpcrdb (null) gpcrdb Information system for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
gramene (null) gramene Gramene
gxd (null) gxd Gene Expression Database (mouse)
halolex (null) halolex HaloLex. The Information System for Halobacterium salinarum.
hgmd (null) hgmd Human Gene Mutation Database. Contains known (published) gene lesions underlying human inherited disease.
hgvbase (null) hgvbase HGVbase. Curated human polymorphisms.
hinv_cluster (null) hinv_cluster hinv_cluster (null) HMDB. Human Metabolome Database contains detailed information about small molecule metabolites found in the human body.
howdy (null) howdy HOWDY. Human Organized Whole genome Database. Integrated human genomic information.
hpa (null) hpa HPA. Human Protein Atlas.
hugo (null) hugo HUGO. Human Genome Organisation - human gene symbols
icd9cm unknown icd9cm ICD-9-CM
image (null) image Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression (IMAGE) consortium clone resource center.
incyte (null) incyte Incyte Genomics LifeSeq Foundation / Proteome BioKnowledge Library. Warning: Private Database Incyte customer restricted access
incyte_zooseq (null) incyte_zooseq Incyte ZooSeq
ingenuity_gene_name (null) ingenuity_gene_name ingenuity_gene_name
interpro (null) interpro InterPro. Useful resource for whole genome analysis
ipi (null) ipi IPI - International Protein Index
jsnp (null) jsnp JSNP. Database of Japanese Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.
kegg (null) kegg KEGG. Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
local1 (null) local1 local1
local2 (null) local2 local2
locus (null) locus LocusLink. Contains information on genetic loci
ma (null) ma Mouse Adult Gross Anatomy
mad_stage (null) mad_stage MAD. Mouse Anatomical Dictionary for developmental stage terms.
medline (null) medline Medline. Bibliographic database.
mens (null) mens Medicago EST Navigation System
meo (null) meo MIAME/Env Ontology
mgc (null) mgc MGC. Mammalian Gene Collection.
mgd (null) mgd MGD. Mouse Genome Database
mips (null) mips MIPS. Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences
mirbase (null) mirbase miRBase. miRBase is the new home for microRNA data, incorporating the database and gene naming roles previously provided by the miRNA Registry, and including the new miRBase Target database.
mirna (null) mirna miRNA Registry
mo (null) mo MGED Ontology. The Microarray Gene Expression Data Society Ontology. An ontology for microarray experiments.
mo:1.1.3 1.1.3 mo:1.1.3 MGED Ontology. The Microarray Gene Expression Data Society Ontology. An ontology for microarray experiments.
mo: mo: MGED Ontology. The Microarray Gene Expression Data Society Ontology. An ontology for microarray experiments.
mtb (null) mtb Mouse Tumor Biology database
musage (null) musage Database:musage
nasc (null) nasc NASC On-Line Catalogue. The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre provides seed and information resources to the International Arabidopsis Genome Programme and the wider research community.
ncbi_clone_registry (null) ncbi_clone_registry NCBI Clone Registry. A database that integrates information about genomic clones and libraries, including sequence data, genomic position, and distributor information.
ncbi_dbsnp (null) ncbi_dbsnp Single nucleotide polymorphisms database. NCBI assigns reference SNP (rs) IDs to SNPs that appear to be unique in the database.
ncbi_dbsnp:126 126 ncbi_dbsnp:126 NCBI: dbSNP. Single nucleotide polymorphisms database. NCBI assigns reference SNP (rs) IDs to SNPs that appear to be unique in the database.
ncbitax (null) ncbitax NCBI Taxonomy. Taxonomy browser
nci_meta (null) nci_meta NCI Metathesaurus. The NCI Metathesaurus is based on NLM's Unified Medical Language System Metathesaurus supplemented with additional cancer-centric vocabulary.
nci_thesaurus (null) nci_thesaurus NCI Thesaurus. Published by NCI, this knowledgebase contains the working vocabulary used in NCI data systems. It covers clinical, translational and basic research as well as administrative terminology.
neurospora (null) neurospora Neurospora crassa database
neurospora:7 7 neurospora:7 Neurospora crassa database. Genome sequence of the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa.
nextdb (null) nextdb NEXTDB. Nematode Expression Pattern DataBase.
nia_nih (null) nia_nih NIA/NIH Mouse Genomics Home Page. Laboratory of Genetics, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health.
omad_human:3 3 omad_human:3 Oligo MicroArray Database (OMAD) Human Genome Oligo Set V3
omad_mouse:3 3 omad_mouse:3 Oligo MicroArray Database (OMAD) Mouse Genome Oligo Set V3
omim (null) omim Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
pa14 (null) pa14 PA14 Gene Annotations
pdb (null) pdb PDB. Protein Data Bank
pfam (null) pfam Pfam. Multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models of common protein domains
pharmgkb (null) pharmgkb PharmGKB. The Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base. Variation in drug response based on human variation.
physcobase (null) physcobase PHYSCObase
pid (null) pid pid
pir (null) pir PIR: Protein Information Resource. The Protein Identification Resource consists of an integrated computer system composed of a number of protein and nucleic acid sequence databases and software designed for the identification and analysis of protein sequences and their corresponding coding sequences. The PIR serves the scientific community through on-line access, distributing magnetic tapes, and performing off-line sequence identification services for researchers.
pkr (null) pkr PKR. The Protein Kinase Resource
pkr_hanks (null) pkr_hanks Eukaryotic protein kinase superfamily organised into distinct families that share basic structural and functional properties (classification by Steven K. Hanks)
plasmodb (null) plasmodb PlasmoDB. The Plasmodium Genome Resouce.
po (null) po Plant Ontology (PO). Plant Ontology developed by the Plant Ontology Consortium.
po_development_and_growth_ontology1.1 (null) po_development_and_growth_ontology1.1 Plant Growth and Development Stages Ontology
po_structure_ontology1.1 (null) po_structure_ontology1.1 Plant Structure Ontology
poci (null) poci poci
populusdb (null) populusdb PopulusDB. Populus tremula x tremuloides genomic sequence database
premod (null) premod PReMOD. A database of predicted cis-regulatory elements
prodom (null) prodom ProDom
prosite (null) prosite Prosite
pseudomonas (null) pseudomonas Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas genome project. Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome annotation
pubmed (null) pubmed PubMed. Bibliographic database
rafl (null) rafl Riken full length cDNAs.
ralstonia (null) ralstonia Ralstonia solanacearum Strain GMI1000
refseq (null) refseq RefSeq. NCBI Reference Sequence project
refseq_prot (null) refseq_prot RefSeq Protein
rgd (null) rgd RGD. Rat Genome Database
rgd_qtl (null) rgd_qtl RGD: QTL. Rat Genome Database: Quantitative Trait Locus
rhizobase (null) rhizobase Rhizobase
riken (null) riken Riken
rzpd (null) rzpd RZPD. Resource Center and Primary Database
rzpd_lib_983_id (null) rzpd_lib_983_id rzpd_lib_983_id
saco (null) saco saco
sanger_cjejuni (null) sanger_cjejuni Sanger Institute Campylobacter jejuni database
sanger_human (null) sanger_human Sanger Institute Human Genome Project. Human mapping and sequencing information
scop (null) scop SCOP. Structural Classification of Proteins
sgd (null) sgd SGD. Saccharomyces Genome Database
sgn (null) sgn SGN. SOL Genomics Network
so (null) so Sequence Ontology (SO)
source (null) source SOURCE. Stanford University's SOURCE database "is a unification tool which dynamically collects and compiles data from many scientific databases, and thereby attempts to encapsulate the genetics and molecular biology of genes from the genomes of Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus into easy to navigate GeneReports".
stack (null) stack STACKdb. Sequence Tag Alignment and Consensus Knowledgebase. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
subtilist (null) subtilist SubtiList. Bacillus subtilis database
swall (null) swall SWALL. Non-redundant protein sequence database (Swiss-Prot+Trembl+TremblNew).
swissprot (null) swissprot Swiss-Prot. The Swiss-Prot protein knowledgebase is a curated protein sequence database that provides a high level of annotation, a minimal level of redundancy and high level of integration with other databases.
symbol (null) symbol Gene Symbol
tair (null) tair TAIR. The Arabidopsis Information Resource
tair_anat:1.14 1.14 tair_anat:1.14 TAIR Anatomy Ontology (rev 1.14). Plant structure of Arabidopsis by The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
tair_anat:1.2 1.2 tair_anat:1.2 TAIR Anatomy Ontology (rev 1.2). Plant structure of Arabidopsis by The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
tair_anat:1.24 1.24 tair_anat:1.24 TAIR Anatomy Ontology. Plant structure of Arabidopsis by The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
tair_dev (null) tair_dev TAIR Development Ontology. Growth and development stage terms for Arabidopsis by The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
tair_dev:1.27 1.27 tair_dev:1.27 TAIR Development Ontology (rev 1.27). Growth and development stage terms for Arabidopsis by The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
tdms (null) tdms TDMS
tigr_aggi (null) tigr_aggi TIGR: AgGI. The TIGR Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) Database.
tigr_atdb (null) tigr_atdb TIGR: AtDB. The TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana Database.
tigr_atgi (null) tigr_atgi TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana Gene Index
tigr_cage (null) tigr_cage TIGR: CAGE
tigr_cmr (null) tigr_cmr TIGR: CMR. Comprehensive Microbial Resource at TIGR. Contains all of the bacterial genome sequences completed to date.
tigr_cmr_hpylori26695 (null) tigr_cmr_hpylori26695 TIGR: Helicobacter pylori 26695 Genome. Comprehensive Microbial Resource at TIGR for Helicobacter pylori 26695.
tigr_cngp (null) tigr_cngp TIGR: CNGP
tigr_egad (null) tigr_egad TIGR: EGAD. The Expressed Gene Anatomy Database at TIGR
tigr_ego (null) tigr_ego TIGR: EGO. TIGR ortholog database - linking orthologous genes across eukaryotic organisms
tigr_mad (null) tigr_mad TIGR: MAD
tigr_mgi (null) tigr_mgi TIGR: MGI. TIGR Mouse Gene Index
tigr_mtgi (null) tigr_mtgi TIGR Medicago Gene Index. TIGR: Medicago truncatula Gene Index.
tigr_page (null) tigr_page TIGR: PAGE
tigr_pfgrc (null) tigr_pfgrc TIGR: PFGRC
tigr_rage (null) tigr_rage TIGR: RAGE
tigr_rgi release 16 tigr_rgi TIGRRnConsensus. TIGR Rat Consensus
tigr_tagi (null) tigr_tagi TIGR: TaGI. The TIGR Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) Database.
tigr_thc (null) tigr_thc Tentative Human Consensus sequences are created by assembling ESTs into virtual transcripts. In some cases, THCs contain full or partial cDNA sequences (HTs) obtained by classical methods. THCs contain information on the source library and abundance of ESTs and in many cases represent full-length transcripts. Alternative splice forms are built into separate THCs. THCs are actual assemblies, with a consensus sequence, and not simply clusters of overlapping sequences.
tigr_zage (null) tigr_zage TIGR: ZAGE
trembl (null) trembl TrEMBL. Computer-annotated supplement of SWISS-PROT that contains all the translations of EMBL nucleotide sequence entries not yet integrated in SWISS-PROT
tsc (null) tsc The TSC database contains details of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have been discovered and characterised by the TSC.
tuberculist (null) tuberculist TubercuList. Genomic information on tubercle bacilli such as M. tuberculosis
uhn_cpg (null) uhn_cpg UHN CpG Island Database
unigene (null) unigene UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters
unigene:129 129 unigene:129 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:130 130 unigene:130 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:136 136 unigene:136 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:143 143 unigene:143 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:145 145 unigene:145 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:146 146 unigene:146 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:147 147 unigene:147 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:147 147 unigene:147 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:151 151 unigene:151 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:152 152 unigene:152 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:156 156 unigene:156 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:160 160 unigene:160 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:162 162 unigene:162 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:163 163 unigene:163 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:165 165 unigene:165 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:166 166 unigene:166 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:169 169 unigene:169 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:184 184 unigene:184 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:186 186 unigene:186 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:187 187 unigene:187 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:190 190 unigene:190 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:194 194 unigene:194 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:2005 2005 unigene:2005 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:201 201 unigene:201 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:202 202 unigene:202 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
unigene:204 204 unigene:204 UniGene. Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters.
uniprot (null) uniprot UniProt (Universal Protein Resource)
uniprot_metabolic_enzymes (null) uniprot_metabolic_enzymes UniProt Metabolic Enzymes
unists (null) unists A comprehensive database at NCBI of sequence tagged sites (STSs) derived from STS-based maps and other experiments. STSs are defined by PCR primer pairs and are associated with additional information such as genomic position, genes, and sequences.
unists:ncbi34_hg16 ncbi34_hg16 unists:ncbi34_hg16 A comprehensive database at NCBI of sequence tagged sites (STSs) derived from STS-based maps and other experiments. STSs are defined by PCR primer pairs and are associated with additional information such as genomic position, genes, and sequences.
uw_ecoli (null) uw_ecoli The University of Wisconsin E.coli Genome Project
vectorbase (null) vectorbase VectorBase
vega_hs (null) vega_hs The Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database is a central repository for high quality, frequently updated, manual annotation of vertebrate finished genome sequence.
wormbase (null) wormbase Genome and biology of C. elegans (as of 28/8/2002, the genome browser shows preliminary gene predictions for C. briggsae)
wz (null) wz wz
zfin_anat (null) zfin_anat A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of the Zebrafish (Brachydanio rerio).
zfin_dev (null) zfin_dev A structured controlled vocabulary of the development of the Zebrafish (Brachydanio rerio).