DOR submission

D-way Submission Account Manual


DOR accepts functional genomics data including sequencing and microarray-based data. Array-based and sequencing-based submissions should follow the MIAME and MINSEQE guidelines, respectively.

DOR accepts DOR does not process

Studies concerning quantitative gene expression, gene regulation, epigenetics, or other functional genomic studies.

Examples include:
  • mRNA profiling
  • small RNA profiling
  • ChIP-Seq
  • methyl-Seq
  • bisulfite sequencing
  • digital gene expression tag profiling
  • traditional SAGE
If you have questions about whether DOR can accept your data type, please contact us.
  • transcriptome assemblies
  • whole genome sequencing
  • metagenomic sequencing
  • resequencing projects
  • survey sequencing, whole exome, etc
For information on how to submit these types of data to DDBJ, please refer to the DDBJ website.
Important: Human subject data
For all studies involving human subjects, it is the submitter's responsibility to ensure that the data and files supplied to DOR protect participant privacy in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and institutional policies. Make sure to remove any direct personal identifiers from your submission. For publication of genomic information, informed consent among participant(s) should have been obtained.

Submission Files*

Array-based experiment

Sequencing-based experiment

Data release*

The data can be kept private until your paper is published. You can set the hold date for a maximum of 1 year and can change it. Registered records are released according to the Data Release Policy.

Submission of next generation sequencing data to DDBJ
Submission of next generation sequencing data to DDBJ.

Submission Workflow*

Create a submission account

To submit the data, you need to create an account for the DRA/DOR Submission System in advance. A submission account is assigned to an organization such as laboratory. An account should be applied by the Principal Investigator (PI). Please apply the account with necessary information and public key by e-mail according to the D-way Submission Account Manual. An account must be maintained securely by the organization. After logging in the submission system, a submitter can create, update submissions and view the submission list.

Never submit or update data without the permission of the PI.

Create metadata

Create metadata by filling in the following spreadsheet "DORsheet".

Microarray_DOR (excel 2003)
Sequencing_DOR (excel 2003)

Upload submission files

Metadata - IDF, SDRF, (if necessary) ADF:

Login submission system and create a new submission. Upload DORsheet or MAGE-TAB files from submission account.

Raw and processed data files:

Transfer the data files to your private directory on the DRA/DOR file server. Or you can upload data files online (< 100 MB) from submission account.

Completion of submission

DOR issues the accession numbers (E-DORD-n for experiment and A-DORD-n for array design) to the completed data. You can view the status and accession numbers in your submission account. The submitted data can be kept private until the hold date. You can set the hold date for a maximum of 2 year and can change it in submission account. At the hold date, the data will be released from DOR and exported to EBI ArrayExpress. Example: E-DORD-69.

Please contact to the DOR team.