“Newly arrived DDBJ data (new data that have arrived after a scheduled DDBJ release)” are data made publicly available on the next day of the deadline or after for the most recent DDBJ release. The deadlines for the most recent releases are listed in the text of the release notes. For example, if the most recent release were Release 67, then the deadline would be 8/25/2006, as stated below; thus, in this case, “newly arrived DDBJ data” would be data made publicly available after 8/26/2006.

The present release contains the newest data prepared by the DNA Data Bank ofJapan (DDBJ), GenBank (*), and European Molecular Biology Laboratory/EuropeanBioinformatics Institute (EMBL/EBI) as of August 25, 2006. (This statement comes from the release notes for Rel. 67; the remainder of that discussion is omitted here.)