If the private key was generated on Unix/Mac OS X

Transfer your private key to the NIG supercomputer (Linux). Next, transfer the files by executing.

scp <Your Files> <D-way Login ID>@dradata.ddbj.nig.ac.jp:~/<Submission ID>
  • <Your Files> Files to be transferred.
    Ex: file1 file2 (file1 and file2), file* (all files whose filenames start with “file”)
  • <D-way Login ID> D-way Login ID (ex. drauser)
  • <Submission ID> Submission ID (ex. drauser-0003)

If the private key was generated on Windows PC

After the conversion of the key into the OpenSSH format used in Linux, transfer the private key to the supercomputer.Then, specify the private key using -i option of scp.

scp -i <Private Key> <Your Files> <D-way Login ID>@dradata.ddbj.nig.ac.jp:~/ <Submission ID>
  • <Private Key> The private key file path (ex. /home/mishima/id.rsa)