BioProject and BioSample submissions must be made through the Submission Portal D-way. Once you begin a BioProject or BioSample submission, it will be assigned a temporary tracking ID (PSUB/SSUB[number], respectively) – this is not the final accession!

Once a BioProject is complete, it is assigned an accession like PRJDB[number]. Once a BioSample submission is complete, each sample will receive an accession like SAMD[number].

When creating DRA experiments, please specify the PSUB ID or PRJDB[number] accession as your BioProject, and SSUB ID or SAMD[number] as your BioSample. Note that a given data file can be linked to a single BioSample only.

When sample preparation and sequencing are carried out by different research groups, submitting DRA Experiment can refer BioProject and BioSample IDs obtained in the other submission account. If you need to refer external BioProject and BioSample IDs, contact to the DRA team. When referencing external objects, please be aware of triggering of data release among BioProject, BioSample and DRA submissions.