Release of MGA data of human (Homo sapiens)

Created: 6 December 2011
DDBJ newly released 5'SAGE tags, MGA data, derived from human (Homo sapiens), which had been submitted by University of Tokyo.The accession numbers are as follows;
AEAAA0000001-AEAAA0026367 (26,367 entries)AEAAB0000001-AEAAB0012114 (12,114 entries)AEAAC0000001-AEAAC0021096 (21,096 entries)AEAAD0000001-AEAAD0024262 (24,262 entries)AEAAE0000001-AEAAE0023437 (23,437 entries)AEAAF0000001-AEAAF0030485 (30,485 entries)AEAAG0000001-AEAAG0021798 (21,798 entries)AEAAH0000001-AEAAH0040734 (40,734 entries)AEAAI0000001-AEAAI0029614 (29,614 entries)AEAAJ0000001-AEAAJ0030206 (30,206 entries)
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