Do not block E-mails from DDBJ

DDBJ provides many services via E-mail. So, please configure your blocking tools against unwanted junk E-mails, NOT to block E-mails from DDBJ

However, E-mails sent from DDBJ are often rejected by countermeasures against unwanted junk E-mails, because of false recognitions.

It is likely that DDBJ official E-mail addresses are "spoofed" by the senders of junk E-mails.Unfortunately, it is required to be open to the public our official E-mail accounts, DDBJ can not take drastic measures.

DDBJ contacts via some of E-mail addresses including the following list. When you use services provided by DDBJ including submission, please be sure NOT to include following E-mail addresses into the black list of junk mail senders.

Currently, there are a lot of blocking tools against unwanted junk E-mails, so, we can not answer the questions about each of the blocking tools, i.e. "How to configure my client software?" and so on.

Please ask the provider of your client software or network administrator for your domain to configure your tools.