Prefix Letter List

For conventional sequence data (two or one letter)

A       EPO             Patent application
AA      GenBank         EST
AB      DDBJ            Direct submission
AC      GenBank         HTG
AD      GenBank         Sequences received at GSDB
AE      GenBank         Genome project data
AF      GenBank         Direct submission
AG      DDBJ            GSS
AH      GenBank         CON
AI      GenBank         Other project
AJ      ENA             Direct submission
AK      DDBJ            FLI_cDNA
AL      ENA             Genome project data
AM      ENA             Direct submission
AN      ENA             CON
AP      DDBJ            Genome project data
AQ      GenBank         GSS
AR      USPTO           Patent application
AS      GenBank         Other project
AT      DDBJ            EST
AU      DDBJ            EST
AV      DDBJ            EST
AW      GenBank         EST
AX      EPO             Patent application
AY      GenBank         Direct submission
AZ      GenBank         GSS
B       GenBank         GSS (previously assigned to, but unused by, DDBJ)
BA      DDBJ            CON
BB      DDBJ            EST
BC      GenBank         cDNA project
BD      JPO             Patent application
BE      GenBank         EST
BF      GenBank         EST
BG      GenBank         EST
BH      GenBank         GSS
BI      GenBank         EST
BJ      DDBJ            EST
BK      GenBank         TPA
BL      GenBank         TPA (segmented set)
BM      GenBank         EST
BN      ENA             TPA
BP      DDBJ            EST
BQ      GenBank         EST
BR      DDBJ            TPA
BS      DDBJ            Genome project data
BT      GenBank         FLI_cDNA
BU      GenBank         EST
BV      GenBank         STS
BW      DDBJ            EST
BX      ENA             Genome project data
BY      DDBJ            EST
BZ      GenBank         GSS
C       DDBJ
CA      GenBank         EST
CB      GenBank         EST
CC      GenBank         GSS
CD      GenBank         EST
CE      GenBank         GSS
CF      GenBank         EST
CG      GenBank         GSS
CH      GenBank         CON
CI      DDBJ            EST
CJ      DDBJ            EST
CK      GenBank         EST
CL      GenBank         GSS
CM      GenBank         scaffold/CON
CN      GenBank         EST
CO      GenBank         EST
CP      GenBank         Genome project data
CQ      EPO             Patent application
CR      ENA             Genome project data
CS      EPO             Patent application
CT      ENA             Genome project data
CU      ENA             Genome project data
CV      GenBank         EST
CW      GenBank         GSS
CX      GenBank         EST
CY      GenBank         Genome project data
CZ      GenBank
D       DDBJ
DA      DDBJ            EST
DB      DDBJ            EST
DC      DDBJ            EST
DD      JPO             Patent application
DE      DDBJ            GSS
DF      DDBJ            scaffold/CON
DG      DDBJ            CON
DH      DDBJ            GSS
DI      KIPO            Patent application
DJ      JPO             Patent application
DK      DDBJ            EST
DL      JPO             Patent application
DM      JPO             Patent application
DN      GenBank         EST
DO      void
DP      GenBank         HTG scaffold (CON) records
DQ      GenBank         Direct submission
DR      GenBank         EST
DS      GenBank         scaffold/CON
DT      GenBank         EST
DU      GenBank         GSS
DV      GenBank         EST
DW      GenBank         EST
DX      GenBank         GSS
DY      GenBank         EST
DZ      USPTO           Patent application
E       JPO             Patent application
EA      USPTO           Patent application (pre-grant patent publication)
EB      GenBank         EST
EC      GenBank         EST
ED      GenBank         GSS
EE      GenBank         EST
EF      GenBank         Direct submission
EG      GenBank         EST
EH      GenBank         EST
EI      GenBank         GSS
EJ      GenBank         GSS
EK      GenBank         GSS
EL      GenBank         EST
EM      GenBank
EN      GenBank
EO      GenBank
EP      GenBank
EQ      GenBank
ER      GenBank         GSS
ES      GenBank         EST
ET      GenBank         GSS
EU      GenBank         Direct submission
EV      GenBank         EST
EW      GenBank         EST
EX      GenBank         EST
EY      GenBank         EST
EZ      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
F       ENA             EST
FA      GenBank         CON
FB      EPO             Patent application
FC      GenBank         EST
FD      GenBank         EST
FE      GenBank         EST
FF      GenBank         EST
FG      GenBank         EST
FH      GenBank         GSS
FI      GenBank         GSS
FJ      GenBank         Direct submission
FK      GenBank         EST
FL      GenBank         EST
FM      ENA      
FN      ENA      
FO      ENA      
FP      ENA      
FQ      ENA      
FR      ENA      
FS      DDBJ            EST
FT      DDBJ            GSS
FU      JPO             Patent application
FV      JPO             Patent application
FW      JPO             Patent application
FX      DDBJ            TSA
FY      DDBJ            EST
FZ      JPO             Patent application
G       GenBank         STS
GA      DDBJ            GSS
GB      JPO             Patent application
GC      USPTO           Patent application
GD      GenBank         EST
GE      GenBank         EST
GF      GenBank         STS
GG      GenBank         scaffold/CON
GH      GenBank         EST
GI      GenBank
GJ      GenBank         TPA scaffolds
GK      GenBank         TPA WGS chromosomes
GL      GenBank         scaffold/CON
GM      EPO             Patent application
GN      EPO             Patent application
GO      GenBank         EST
GP      USPTO           Patent application
GQ      GenBank         Direct submission
GR      GenBank         EST
GS      GenBank         GSS
GT      GenBank         EST
GU      GenBank         Direct submission
GV      USPTO           Patent application
GW      GenBank         EST
GX      USPTO           Patent application
GY      USPTO           Patent application
GZ      USPTO           Patent application
H       GenBank         EST
HA      EPO             Patent application
HB      EPO             Patent application
HC      EPO             Patent application
HD      EPO             Patent application
HE      ENA             Direct submission
HF      ENA             Direct submission
HG      ENA             Direct submission
HH      EPO             Patent application
HI      EPO             Patent application
HJ      USPTO           Patent application
HK      USPTO           Patent application
HL      USPTO           Patent application
HM      GenBank         Direct submission
HN      GenBank         GSS
HO      GenBank         EST
HP      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
HQ      GenBank         Direct submission
HR      GenBank         GSS
HS      GenBank         EST
HT      DDBJ            TPA WGS scaffolds
HU      DDBJ            TPA WGS chromosomes
HV      JPO             Patent application
HW      JPO             Patent application
HX      DDBJ            EST
HY      DDBJ            EST
HZ      JPO             Patent application
I       USPTO           Patent application
J       GenBank
JA      EPO             Patent application
JB      EPO             Patent application
JC      EPO             Patent application
JD      EPO             Patent application
JE      EPO             Patent application
JF      GenBank         Direct submission
JG      GenBank         EST
JH      GenBank         scaffold/CON
JI      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JJ      GenBank         GSS
JK      GenBank         EST
JL      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JM      GenBank         GSS
JN      GenBank         Direct submission
JO      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JP      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JQ      GenBank         Direct submission
JR      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JS      GenBank         GSS
JT      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JU      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JV      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JW      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)         
JX      GenBank         Direct submission
JY      GenBank         GSS
JZ      GenBank         EST
K       GenBank
KA      GenBank         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
KB      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KC      GenBank         Direct submission
KD      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KE      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KF      GenBank         Direct submission
KG      GenBank         GSS
KH      USPTO           Patent application
KI      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KJ      GenBank         Direct submission
KK      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KL      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KM      GenBank         Direct submission
KN      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KO      GenBank         GSS
KP      GenBank         Direct submission
KQ      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KR      GenBank         Direct Submission
KS      GenBank         GSS
KT      GenBank         Direct submission
KU      GenBank         Direct submission
KV      GenBank         scaffold/CON
KX      GenBank         Direct submission
KY      GenBank         Direct submission
KZ      GenBank         scaffold/CON
L       GenBank         
LA      DDBJ            TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
LB      DDBJ            GSS 
LC      DDBJ            Direct submission
LD      DDBJ            scaffold/CON
LE      DDBJ            TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
LF      JPO             Patent application
LG      KIPO            Patent application
LH      DDBJ            TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
LI      DDBJ            TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
LJ      DDBJ            TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
LK      ENA             
LL      ENA             
LM      ENA             
LN      ENA             
LO      ENA             
LP      ENA             
LQ      ENA             
LR      ENA             
LS      ENA             
LT      ENA             
LU      DDBJ            EST 
LV      JPO             Patent application
LX      JPO             Patent application
LY      KIPO            Patent application
LZ      JPO             Patent application
M       GenBank         
MA      JPO             Patent application
MB      JPO             Patent application
MC      JPO             Patent application
MD      JPO             Patent application
ME      JPO             Patent application
MF      GenBank         Direct submission
MG      GenBank         Direct submission
MH      GenBank         Direct submission
MI      USPTO           Patent application
MJ      GenBank         GSS
MK      GenBank         Direct submission
ML      GenBank         scaffold/CON
MM      USPTO           Patent application
MN      GenBank         Direct submission
MO      USPTO           Patent application
MP      EPO             Patent application
MQ      EPO             Patent application
MR      EPO             Patent application
MS      EPO             Patent application
MT      GenBank         Direct submission
MU      GenBank         scaffold/CON
MV      USPTO           Patent application
MW      GenBank         Direct submission
MX      USPTO           Patent application
N       GenBank         EST
O       void            UniProt/Swiss-Prot
OA      ENA             
OB      ENA             
OC      ENA             
OD      ENA             
OE      ENA             
OF      KIPO            Patent application
OG      JPO             Patent application
OH      DDBJ            EST
OI      DDBJ            
OJ      DDBJ            
P       void            UniProt/Swiss-Prot
Q       void            UniProt/Swiss-Prot
R       GenBank         EST
S       GenBank         Journal scanning
T       GenBank         EST
U       GenBank         
V       ENA             
W       GenBank         EST (previously assigned to, but unused by, EMBL)
X       ENA             
Y       ENA             
Z       ENA             

For bulk sequence data

AAAA-AZZZ      GenBank      general WGS 
BAAA-BZZZ      DDBJ         general WGS 
CAAA-CZZZ      ENA          WGS 
DAAA-DZZZ      GenBank      TPA assemble WGS 
EAAA-EZZZ      DDBJ         TPA assemble WGS 
FAAA-FZZZ      ENA          WGS 
GAAA-GZZZ      GenBank      TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
HAAA-HZZZ      ENA          TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
IAAA-IZZZ      DDBJ         TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
JAAA-JZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
KAAA-KZZZ      GenBank      TLS (Targeted Locus Study) 
LAAA-LZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
MAAA-MZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
NAAA-NZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
OAAA-OZZZ      ENA          WGS 
PAAA-PZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
QAAA-QZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
RAAA-RZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
SAAA-SZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
TAAA-TZZZ      DDBJ         TLS (Targeted Locus Study)
UAAA-UZZZ      ENA          WGS 
VAAA-VZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
WAAA-WZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
XAAA-XZZZ      GenBank      general WGS
AAAAAA-AZZZZZ  GenBank      general WGS 
BAAAAA-BZZZZZ  DDBJ         general WGS 
DAAAAA-DZZZZZ  GenBank      TPA assemble WGS 
JAAAAA-JZZZZZ  GenBank      general WGS 

For protein_id

AAA-AZZ     GenBank 
AAE         USPTO         Patent application
BAA-BZZ     DDBJ          
CAA-CZZ     ENA           
DAA-DZZ     GenBank       TPA
EAA-EZZ     GenBank       WGS
FAA-FZZ     DDBJ          TPA
GAA-GZZ     DDBJ          WGS
HAA-HZZ     GenBank       TPA reassemble WGS
IAA-IZZ     DDBJ          TPA reassemble WGS/TSA/TLS
JAA-JZZ     GenBank       TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly)
KAA-KZZ     GenBank       WGS
LAA-LZZ     DDBJ          TSA/TLS
MAA-MZZ     GenBank       WGS/TSA
NAA-NZZ     GenBank       WGS/TSA
OAA-OZZ     GenBank       WGS/TSA
PAA-PZZ     GenBank       WGS/TSA
QAA-QZZ     GenBank       
RAA-RZZ     GenBank       WGS
SAA-SZZ     ENA           
TAA-TZZ     GenBank       WGS/TSA
VAA-VZZ     ENA           

For Sequence Read Archive

DRA     DDBJ       Submission object
DRP     DDBJ       Study object
DRR     DDBJ       Run object
DRS     DDBJ       Sample object
DRX     DDBJ       Experiment object
DRZ     DDBJ       Analysis object
ERA     ENA/EBI    Submission object
ERP     ENA/EBI    Study object
ERR     ENA/EBI    Run object
ERS     ENA/EBI    Sample object
ERX     ENA/EBI    Experiment object
ERZ     ENA/EBI    Analysis object
SRA     NCBI       Submission object
SRP     NCBI       Study object
SRR     NCBI       Run object
SRS     NCBI       Sample object
SRX     NCBI       Experiment object
SRZ     NCBI       Analysis object

See also DRA metadata outline

For BioProject


For BioSample