New account system

Current account system

Bioinformation and DDBJ Center provides three separate account systems, BioProject/BioSample/DRA/GEA (D-way), JGA and AGD. These systems will be integrated into new single system with 'group' concept and users will be able to access all submission services with single account. In the new system, a principal investigator (PI) and a researcher can collaboratively submit and update records within their own account, and transfer records to a successor when leaving institute or lab.

Integration to new account system

Migration to new account system

As the first step, the JGA account system will be migrated to new one in June, July 2020. The AGD system will follow. The timing of the D-way migration is not decided.

At the same time, the new account system will be introduced to the data submission and use requesting services of NBDC. After this, an user will be able to "apply data submission request to NBDC - submit data to JGA" and "apply data use request to NBDC - download JGA dataset" seamlessly in the same account.

The JGA account migration process is explained below.

When you own JGA account only

If you have JGA account (Account: 'A') only, 'A' is migrated to new system. Because the new system and the BioProject/BioSample/DRA/GEA D-way account system are synchronized, you can use 'A' for both JGA and D-way.

After a new account is notified, do NOT create new D-way account to avoid duplication.

When you own JGA account only

When you own D-way account only

When you own D-way account (Account: 'B') only, after the JGA system is migrated to the new one, you can use 'B' in JGA. When you need to submit to JGA before the migration, a separate account is issued only for the JGA submission.

When you own D-way account only

When you own JGA and D-way accounts

When you own a JGA (Account: 'C') and a D-way account (Account: 'D'). The JGA accounts are merged to the D-way accounts. After the JGA system migration, you can use 'D' for JGA. The JGA data linked to 'C' are transferred to 'D'. Please continue to use 'C' for the JGA submission before the migration.

When you own JGA and D-way accounts

AGD account

The AGD account will be migrated to the new one as JGA.

  • When you have D-way account, the AGD account is merged to D-way.
  • When you have JGA account and no D-way, the AGD account is merged to JGA.
  • When you have no D-way nor JGA account, the AGD account is retained and can be used for D-way/JGA/AGD.