There are some possibilities as followings.

  1. In case of the meantime of data distribution:
    The data may be on the process of data distribution. If you are unable to retrieve the data longer than a week, please send us an inquiry including the accession number from contact form.
  2. The specified hold date of the data is in holidays of DDBJ:
    We will release the data after holidays of DDBJ. See also DDBJ Calender.
  3. In case of not yet confirmed the accession number is published on a paper or others:
    Please let us know the paper or other media in which the accession number is described.
  4. In case of the data submitted BEFORE January 1, 1998:
    The sequence data be still unpublished after hold date.

In case of 3 or 4, we will check and support it.
Please contact us from contact form by selecting the item, “Updating Submitted Data” with accession numbers.