At first, please confirm whether The Genetic Code is appropriately selected or not.
Generally, if /transl_table qualifier is appropriately described with a number of the genetic code, the nucleotide sequence is automatically translated to amino acid sequence according to the genetic code.

In exceptional cases of specific codons (selenocysteine etc.) that is not followed the genetic codes, describe /transl_except qualifier, appropriately.

In cases of RNA editing,ribosomal frameshiftmitochondrial TAA stop codon, see Example of submission and describe with /exception and /translation, /ribosomal_slippage, /transl_except, respectively.

In case of rare initiation of translation, staring with an amino acid other than methionine, describe the location of CDS feature with starting from “<”, operatively indicating 5’end not complete. And describe brief explanation about the translation mechanism in /note qualifier.