In principle, DDBJ can not restore any published data.
See also following item about access restriction.

In principle, you cannot remove your sequence data from DDBJ retrieval system: getentry, if it has already been open to the public (If DDBJ wrongly published your data because of any mistakes, the data should be removed as soon as possible.).

However, if there is some specific reason for removing your sequence data (i.e. some error is found, etc.), we can restrict access to your sequence data.

Please send your request from contact form with the following contents.

  • Accession numbers:
  • Reason in brief:
  • New hold-date: (e.g. 2019/06/25)

If we restrict access to your sequence data and remove it from the public view, then it will no longer be included in homology search services at DDBJ or distributed as a part of the next DDBJ periodical release. However, it may remain in other third party databases, and will still be retrievable in getentry by accession number based queries.

Moreover, our unified database may be copied and redistributed without permission at any other organizations. In case you need to withdraw your entry from such database, we ask you to make request directly to the organization which manages the database.

Why is the retracted data still available?
INSDC Status Document


The DRA data are also removed as DDBJ.
Contact the DRA team to delete public DRA data.