C. elegans genome data (DNA and Protein) were appended for DDBJ homology search service ( FASTA/BLAST/PSI-BLAST/SSEARCH).
"C. elegans[wormpep](protein)" and "C. elegans (DNA)" are available as a target database.
When "C. elegans[wormpep](protein)" was specified, there is a dynamic link to the wormace at Sanger Centre from the result. It is available through the DDBJ WWW server and DDBJ E-mail server.

Information about comment of DNA data are below.chromosome number/ start-end, source, feature, [group]These are from GFF format(http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Users/rd/gff.shtml).

start, end
Integers. "start" must be less than or equal to "end".Sequence numbering starts at 1, so these numbers should be between 1 and the length of the relevant sequence, inclusive.
The source of this feature. This field will normally be used to indicate the program making the prediction,
or if it comes from public database annotation, or is experimentally verified, etc.
The feature type name. We hope to suggest a standard set of features, to facilitate import/export, comparison etc.. Of course, people are free to define new ones as needed.
For example, Genie splice detectors account for a region of DNA, and multiple detectors may be available for the same site, as shown above.
An optional string-valued field that can be used as a name to group together a set of records. Typical uses might be to group the introns and exons in one gene prediction (or experimentally verified gene structure), or to group multiple regions of match to another sequence, such as an EST or a protein.