DDBJ added new functions to homology search syshtmltem in DDBJ WWW site.
1. DAD and SWISS-PROT databases include new data. DAD is updated everyday,and SWISS-PROT is every Friday.
2.You can receive results by e-mail in HTML format, and can load them into a web browser for viewing.

To use this function in web site:When you select E-Mail at RESULT, please use check box of [In HTML format].
To use this function using e-mail server:Please add a new line "html 1" in your request.

      ex.)     program      blastn               datalib      ddbj               scores       100               alignments   100               expect       10               gap          1               filter       1               html         1      query               aaacccgggtttaaaaaaaacggttttt               ...........               // </code>