DDBJ disclosed Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS) sequence data submitted to and disclosed by GenBank and EMBL. Retrievable accession numbers by getentry and their origins are as follows (totally 400,000 entries). Please note that accession numbers of WGS entries are 12 digits (4 digits alphabets + 8 digits
numbers), different from ordinal DNA sequence entries.
    a_gambiae.strain : AAAB01000001 - AAAB01069724
    o_sativa.cultivar : AAAA01000001 - AAAA01103044
    mus_musculs : CAAA01000001 - CAAA01224713

Following files are also available from anonymous-ftp (https://ddbj.nig.ac.jp/public/ddbj_database/wgs/)
    a_gambiae.strain_PEST.gz (69,724 entries)
    o_sativa.cultivar_indica.gz (103,044 entries)
    mus_musculs.gz (224,713 entries)