The contents of H-Invitational Database CIB-DDBJ Flat File Server and H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB) (Release number: H-InvDB_1.3) are updated at 31 May, 2004.
  • The revised data for all entries, cDNA and LOCUS, were frozen
    on 1st May, 2004.
  • The version number of all LOCUS (HIX) and some of cDNA (HIT)
    entries are changed from ".1" to ".2" by this updating.
  • The file which H-Invitational Identifier (e.g HIT000000001 for
    cDNA, HIX0000001 for LOCUS) are mapped to the accession number of
    International Nucleotide Sequence Databases (INSD), DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank,
    and the information of Data Provider for each cDNA sequences used in
    H-Invitational is put on
    FTP site
    (the file name is "acc2hinv_id.txt.gz").