Total number of the mouse nucleotides (Mus musculus molossinus) greatly increased from 44,452 bp to 279,762,931 bp in the latest DDBJ release (DDBJ Rel. 59).
[DDBJ statistics / Top 30 organisms according to the total number of nucleotides (-DDBJ rel.59)]
This big growth is caused by the addition of 337,471 entries' nucleotides released by RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center (RIKEN GSC) in 2004 June into 44,452 bp Mus musculus molossinus nucleotides released so far.Sequences of these nucleotides are Mus musculus molossinus-MSM mouse BAC clone library end sequences prepared by Dr. Kuniya Abe, RIKEN BioResource Center (RIKEN BRC).
Detailed data will be described in the following paper.
Abe K., Noguchi H., Tagawa K., Yuzuriha M., Toyoda A., Kojima T., Ezawa K., Saitou N., Hattori M., Sakaki Y., Moriwaki K., and Shiroishi T. (2004) ontribution of Asian mouse subspecies Mus musculus molossinus to genomic constitution of strain C57BL/6J, as defined by BAC end sequence-SNP analysis. Genome Research (in press).
Accession numbers are AG275743-AG613213.The sequences are available from DDBJ 's getentry.MSM BAC clones are available from "RIKEN BioResource Center DNA BANK" where clones are deposited. For details, please see MSM Mouse BAC clones & Library.