Brachyury, T-box domain containing transcription factor, was evolutionary conserved among animals and play an important role in embryonic development. To characterize Brachyury-downstream genes, Brachyury-downstream gene database, "NotoBase" was constructed by Kyoto University, Molecular and Evolutionary Developmental Biology and National Institute of Genetics, Center for Information Biology and DNA Data Bank of Japan. This database contains the annotation information for approximately 500 Brachyury downstream genes isolated by subtraction method. It is able for us to access such information that corresponding EST/cDNA/Genome sequences, more than 3000 pictures of gene expression pattern and homology information with BLAST. It also supports various searching (homology searching for gene expression pattern and keyword searching for the result with the BLAST). In addition, sequences of the Brachyury-downstream genes can be available from "Download" site.
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