Two international training courses were given in Taiwan at Yang-Ming University in Taipei (July 6-8) and the National Health Research Institute (NHRI) in Hsin Chu (July 11-12) by three Professors from DDBJ.
Prof. Yoshio Tateno gave lectures on Molecular Evolution, Prof. Naruya怀Saitou taught students about Molecular Phylogeny and Dr. Roberto Barrero introduced the services and tools available at DDBJ, with special emphasis in using the SAKURA nucleotide sequence data submission system, sequence retrieval systems (getentry, ARSA and SRS), GTOP and H-Inv DB. The number of attendees to the theoretical lectures were about 20-25 people, while for the practical sessions 10-15 people took part.
A new invitation by local researchers was extended to DDBJ professors to make another International Training Course in the near future.