The 52 VRL entries were not included in DDBJ periodical releases from 46 to 63 by our mistake.
For the first time, these entries were released as EST data in 2000. Afterwards, they were changed to VRL for some reasons in 2001. After that, they were not included in DDBJ releases as mentioned above.
Details are as follows.
Period in which the entries were not included in DDBJ releases
From DDBJ release 46 (Jul. 2001) to release 63 (Sep. 2005)
Relevant Accession numbers
See the list
We reported and apologized to the submitters for our mistake. In the forthcoming DDBJ release 64, these 52 entries will be included in the VRL division data.
Affected services
Anonymous FTPs and search/analysis services (exclude getentry*)
* These entries have been enabled by the getentry since their first release. However, in the mean time, they were provided in an old format.
These 52 entries data are served now.
We apologize for our mistake very much